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24 Weeks

How far along?  24 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  still a papaya

Total weight gain/loss:  no new weight

Maternity clothes?  yes

Sleep:  baby kicks when I’m trying to get to sleep or when I turn over at night

Best moment this week:  Matthew turned 2 years old!  I can’t believe it.  He had so much fun over the weekend visiting grandparents for Easter.

Movement:  Baby moves around a lot

Food cravings/aversions:   Sweets

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss:  Not pregnancy related, but I miss sleeping in my own bed with no toddler next to me for nap time!  I also had to sleep in the room with Matthew at nighttime at his grandparnet’s house and definitely did not rest as well.  I’m just a crappy co-sleeper!

What I am looking forward to:   Matthew’s birthday parties

Weekly Wisdom:  I need a DVD player for my car for long trips.  The only thing that saved me this time was kid’s music CDs.

Milestones:  ?

Symptoms:  ?






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23 weeks

How far along?  23 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  still a papaya

Total weight gain/loss:  no new weight

Maternity clothes?  yup

Sleep:  been pretty tired the past few days. 

Best moment this week:  Saw my belly actually moving around

Movement:  “Skippyjon” is moving quite a bit, I notice it when I sit down. 

Food cravings/aversions:   Cheeeeese

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss:  Not feeling like I have to conserve my energy.  Like if I play at the park with Matthew the way he wants for me to (which is meaning, interact with him the whole time), then will I have enough energy to cook dinner and clean up the kitchen?

What I am looking forward to:   Going out of town for Easter, Matthew’s birthday party

Weekly Wisdom:  Making lists is the only way I remember to get everything done.

Milestones:  Only 1 more week till viability

Symptoms:  Small parasite like creature inside my abdomen seems to be poking and kicking at me constantly.  ;o)

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22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  papaya (for month 5)

Total weight gain/loss:  I gained 7.5 lb from my last visit….woohoo!!!  So I’m up 9 lb from pre-pregnancy

Maternity clothes?  Yup

Sleep:  Okay except for having to pee super often while trying to nap

Best moment this week:  Awesome consignment sale where I got to shop for baby.  Most of our clothes from Matthew will work but I did want some new outfits to replace ones I wasn’t crazy about and also the seasons are off a bit so baby needs winter clothes in different sizes.  My best find was a set of Carter’s clothes, all in very good condition:  3 short sleeve onesies, 3 long sleeve onesies and 3 pairs of very cute pants, all for $4!

Movement:  Super often and noticeable, a few times strong enough for me to look down and say “woah!”

Food cravings/aversions:   It varies so much.  Right now I want dewberry cobbler.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

What I miss:  Having Matthew sit in my lap comfortably.

What I am looking forward to:  Not baby related but Matthew turns 2 years old in 10 days.  I can’t really say I am looking forward to it, but it is happening!  I can’t believe it!  On the baby front, I feel like I’m just chilling out.  I have things that need to be done, but for right now my focus is on visiting family over Easter and Matthew’s birthday party.

Weekly Wisdom:  Do what works and don’t be afraid to change tactics.  Ever since he got over being sick, I’ve had a horrible time getting Matthew to nap, as in trying for 2 hours and him still not going down.  Now I am letting him nap in bed with me and though I miss my only “away” time and I sleep better alone, this is what WORKS.  So for now, it’s what I’m doing!

Milestones:  My last midwife visit went well.  I had trace leukocytes in my urine but since I have no other symptoms of a UTI she said just let her know if I started getting any.  Everything else was perfect.  BP was great and baby’s heartrate was between 135 and 150 bpm.  Next visit I will do the GD test.

Symptoms:  Had a couple moody, emotional days.  I can’t believe how often I pee and maybe I notice it more this time around because I have a little someone who has to tag along every time I go to the potty.


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21 weeks

How far along? 21 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  banana

Total weight gain/loss:  no new weight

Maternity clothes?  Yes and I went out and bought some new ones, a couple shirts and a pair of under the belly shorts

Sleep:  Getting a little tougher to get comfy

Best moment this week:  Not baby related, but we got Matthew a playset for the backyard that retails $400 new and we got it for $50 off craigslist!

Movement:  Lots!  Baby has been kicking when I rock Matthew and he pushes against my belly.  “Hey bro, give me some space here!”

Food cravings/aversions:   Mostly sugar.  I have been better I think about my protein lately.

Belly Button in or out? Pretty well out

What I miss:  I really can’t lay on my belly any more at all.  I normally don’t that much anyway but still.

What I am looking forward to:  Midwife visit in a couple days.  Ordering decor and bedding for his room.

Weekly Wisdom:  ???

Milestones:  Over halfway there!  Whoa!

Symptoms:  Just when I thought I couldn’t pee any more often…I am!  I also got some bad round ligament pain the other day and I get some pelvic pain if I am on my feet/walking a lot in one day.  I also messed up my back one day helping Matthew push himself around in the Cozy Coupe…I had a hard time walking the whole day after that.

Bluebonnet pictures  🙂



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19 and 20 weeks

I have NO idea where these weeks went, I know I did at least one of them but can’t find them in my drafts.  Oops.  Big milestone for 20 weeks is obviously that I am “halfway there”!  Other than that, this time was spent getting used to the fact that I’m having a little boy.   🙂

19 weeks size of a mango




Week 20 – size of a cantalope


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Matthew at 21 months

Matthew at 21 months…  (posted belated like all my other posts these days!)

-Right now he is going through a whiny/cranky phase.  He has a couple canines still trying to come in on top so maybe that is part of it.  He has say SO many words now so we are working on him telling us what he wants/needs rather than whining. 

-He can count to 10 with help.  He never says one, he LOVES two, and he usually skips eight, but the others he is pretty good with.

-Right now he is into playing with his Mega Bloks, stacking cups (fitting them inside each other), marbles (ugh!  wish daddy had never brought those out), anything that he can practice open and closing or dumping things in and out of containers and putting them back in again.  I also think he is starting to get a little into the “packrat” phase because he has started putting some of his toys in a wicker basket and dragging them around the house.  He also pulls around a little wagon with toys in it.  I really want to get him a little shopping cart.

-He likes to give us Eskimo kisses and it is pretty much one of the most adorable things.

-He has finally gotten used to Mother’s Day Out (he goes once a week) and the past two times he hasn’t cried at all.  I think his personality is starting to come out there as well as he gets used to it.

-He likes to hide behind the curtains and play peekaboo.

-I am not sure what his vocabulary is supposed to be but I honestly can say I have probably heard him say hundreds of words.  He is very good at repeating back something if you ask him to say it and he likes to repeat back things I say, especially the last word of a sentence.  I also go through the ABCs with him one at a time and he will say them back.  There are some sounds he can’t make yet, but he tries.  I think I’ve heard a few two word “sentences” here and there but for the vast majority, he only says one word at a time. 

-He likes to lay his head down on top of Stormy (our cat) and say “awww”.  He loves anything about Stormy and for as long as she will let him, he likes to point out and name her nose, ears, paws and tag.  He also does people body parts and he is really good with all those.

-He loves music and he has started doing a few of the motions to “The Wheels on the Bus” when I turn it on. 

-He had a sweet moment with his Uncle John a few weeks ago when my brother was playing guitar and singing to him.  Matthew was utterly fascinated and every time John would stop playing, Matthew would frantically sign “more, more”.  Made my brother feel really great, what an audience! 

-He can say the words for all his signs but he still does the signs some of the time, for: more, all done, please, sorry and thank you.

-Another thing I am trying to teach him is to be specific when telling me he needs something.  I swear I hear “hep hep hep” (help) all day long!  So I try to direct him to tell me he wants something opened, or to play with him, etc.

-Not much progress on potty training I am afraid.  I caught him hiding about to poop the other day and asked him if he wanted to go poo poo on the potty and there was a very emphatic “NO!” and flinging of his hands to make me go away.

-He has also pushed me away and said “no” several times!  Once was when he was in the kitchen doing something with David.  Another couple times when he was playing with my mom.  I don’t know if he just wanted only her or if he thought I was coming in there to tell him it was time for a diaper change or something like that.

-Generally speaking though, he is my little shadow.  If I walk into another room, he goes with me.  He also goes to me much more when he wants something, rather than his dad.

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18 weeks

How far along? 18 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  sweet potato

Total weight gain/loss:  no new check

Maternity clothes? Mostly.  A few longer regular shirts still work

Sleep: I’ve now entered the stage where I lay down to go to sleep and baby starts up with a dance party in there!  Have to wait for baby to setttle down before I can sleep.  Otherwise, pretty much the same, waking up to pee, etc.

Best moment this week:  Finding out gender!

Movement:  Yup and David felt baby move around 18w4d or so?  I think he could have felt sooner but it was just a matter of timing and getting him to feel my belly at the right time.

Food cravings/aversions: Gummy Easter candy, yum!  I am trying to be better with food now that I have to do the food diary.  Not really craving anything much in particular though.

What I miss: Being able to go to sleep right away, even though I love feeling baby move, sleep time is valuable time when you are taking care of a toddler!  Oh and it is getting hard to hold/rock Matthew with a belly in the way.

What I am looking forward to:  Shopping, decorating the nursery.

Weekly Wisdom:  It is really going to suck when I have a sick toddler AND an infant.  Matthew has been sick lately and it has been a doozy.  I barely was able to go to the bathroom and get food for myself, he was SO needy.

Milestones: Found out gender and everything looked great on my ultrasound.

Symptoms: Hmm, not  a whole lot.  Just the peeing more often.







Thinking blue!  These are some blue booties I got when I was pregnant with Matthew and now I’ll have more little tiny feet to put them in soon.

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Announcing Gender

With Matthew we just called everyone and told them right away that he was a boy and this time I decided I wanted to do something fun.  Since my mom couldn’t be in town anytime close to when my ultrasound was, I went ahead and called her that day and tried to get Matthew to say “bubba” or “brother” when I asked him what the baby was.  He didn’t do it that great for my mom but he was perfect when I called one of my brothers and he could tell right away what he was saying.

For my in-laws we did a cake.  I had to wait until the ultrasound to know whether to color it pink or blue on the inside.  It was kind of tough because I really didn’t have enough time to get it done and get the cake cooled before I got the icing on there.  My MIL was insisting that she could see the blue through the icing, but I don’t know if she really could or if that was just because she thought it was going to be a boy.  For some reason the morning of my ultrasound she said she had woken up convinced that baby was a boy.

We had dinner and then had them cut into the cake.  I cropped the pictures because I don’t really want to put my in-laws faces on the internet, but it was fun.  MIL, FIL and the grandparents were all happy for us.  SIL was happy but I think a little disappointed.  She has a 2 year old girl and she has saved a lot of baby clothes in hopes that I’d be able to use them for my next baby.

On to the pics!

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Big Ultrasound

I am writing this much, much after that fact but I’ll copy and paste everything from the online forum I’m on. 

We had our big ultrasound on March 10.   I was 17w6d.  The tech asked if we wanted to know and right away she said “You have a son”.   He was flexing his legs way up towards his heads with his little boy stuff showing!   He also gave a little yawn.   He’s like his mommy and thought it was too early for all this.   We didn’t get as good of pictures as we did with Matthew, unfortunately.  I hadn’t drank all that much OJ and though he was moving a little, he wasn’t bouncing around in there all crazy like Matthew did.  Maybe this one will be calmer.   The angle of looking at him was different than what I remembered so I asked her was she 100% sure on gender and she said yes, totally sure and showed us again and it was pretty obvious.

I was a little disappointed at first but once it was over and we were eating breakfast I was thinking of his sweet little face and how I can’t wait to meet him! I told David that it’s more that I am sad because I want a girl, but not because HE isn’t a girl. He is who he is, and my maternal instinct kicked in seeing him and I just love him so much.

And I thought of another big pro to keep me going if I ever feel any cute girly clothes envy….unless David changes his mind and springs for a 3rd and that one winds up a girl, I will NEVER have to play Barbies!   (Sorry to all you doll and Barbie loving mamas, it’s just not me  )

Two little boys, wow! I hope Matthew and his brother grow up to be good friends with each other.

—And now that it has had more time to sink in, I am really used to the idea of having two boys.  I have found some cute clothes for my little guy that I’m excited about it and I adore the “little brother” onesies. 
Every once in a while I get a bit sad that I won’t ever have the experience of having a daughter.  But I try and look at it as I guess I am supposed to be a “boy mom”.  :o)  And looking at all the other moms I know, I think I’ll do better as a “boy mom” than as a “girl mom” if that makes sense.  I am so not into all that manicure, girly girl stuff, haha.

Here is my little bitty baby BOY!

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17 weeks (and first midwife visit)

How far along? 17 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  onion

Total weight gain/loss:  I was DOWN a half a pound from my last visit, so I’ve only gained 1.5 lb from pre-pregnancy

Maternity clothes?  Yes.  I can still wear one pair of regular jeans (they ride low) and some regular shirts if they are long enough

Sleep: Decent-ish.  Getting up to pee of course and I love my daily nap.

Best moment this week:  First midwife appointment!

Movement:  Yup, feeling it every day.  David has been traveling but I am pretty sure by now he can feel it from the outside so we need to try that soon.

Food cravings/aversions:   Cheese and fruit.  My craving for juice seems to have lessened somewhat.

Belly Button in or out? It is out but not poking enough that I get a belly button bump through my shirts.

What I miss:  Not feeling so emotional about everything!

What I am looking forward to:  Big ultrasound coming up in a few days!  It is driving me a little crazy to find out boy or girl.

Weekly Wisdom:  ???

Milestones:  I dunno other than being pretty close to the halfway mark.

Symptoms:  Feeling more emotional, including as mentioned before whether baby is a boy or girl.  I think it will be nice when I just KNOW so I can start looking forward to whichever it’s going to be.  As per usual, peeing often.

Details on the midwife visit:  It was a very long visit, which was great!  I never felt rushed.  MIL was keeping Matthew at the house so I didn’t have to worry about him.  We went over family history, my labor/delivery with Matthew (after which she mentioned I was a GREAT candidate for a birth center birth), which tests and so forth we wanted to accept or decline (and I was on the same page as her on pretty much everything as far as what we will and won’t do).  I have to start keeping a food diary (EEP!) which all their patients do, and I remember her mentioning at the tour I went to awhile back that it’s really more for me than it is for them.  Still it has led to much joking with my and David’s family members when I eat something “bad” about whether it’s going in my food diary, haha.  I have only gained a pound and a half so far this pregnancy, so she wants me to eat more protein, 50-60 grams per day.  It was great the way she really encouraged me about it without making me feel bad.  I am really trying harder now to get in snacks and do better on protein now.  All my peestick tests were great and she said she could tell I was drinking plenty of water, so that’s good.  We heard baby on the doppler, the heartbeat ranged from 147-158.  She said it sounded like baby was kicking at the doppler at one point.  She said that I could have a doula if I wanted or that she would be happy to provide labor support if I want her to.  She was a doula and an LC for many years before becoming a midwife and there will be a midwife assistant attending the birth as well.  I glanced at the rooms in the birth center again and felt again like this was the right place to be.  I feel relaxed when I am there.

Matthew filling in with weekly picture.

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