Posted by: expectingamiracle | January 8, 2013


I am such a slacker.  I meant to go back and update with Michael’s birth story and pictures and everything that has followed since.  Here he is, almost 17 months and I still haven’t.  His birth was amazing and he is my sweetie pie mama’s boy!  When I pick him up he pats my back just the way I pat his and he gives me sweet kisses almost any time I ask.  He has a bad temper.  When he signs “eat” he says “deet deet” and it is adorable.  He is much more calm and serious than Matthew.

I am also coming back to document something eventful…I AM PREGNANT!  Yup.  It was not planned at all and in fact, we were avoiding.  Just one time of not being careful and BAM, pregnant.  It just figures, huh?  I have felt for a long time that I most likely wanted a third child but I was not in the least feeling ready for it right now.  I tested yesterday at 13 dpo and spent the rest of the day freaking out.  In the long run, I know this will be a good thing.  David has told me I “owe him big time” since he only wanted two kids!

So here goes…as long as this works out, this will be our LAST pregnancy and our LAST baby, for sure.  So hopefully along the way I will enjoy this.  🙂

I am 4 weeks today.  Several days ago I felt “off” but thought nothing of it.  At 12 dpo I started worrying that I might be pregnant and started feeling physically ill just thinking about it.  Yesterday and today, my stomach definitely feels “off”.  Not sick and not even exactly queasy, just weird.  And I swear I already have to pee more often.

Welcome little baby, I wasn’t expecting this right now, but you are loved already!


  1. Congratulations! It’s great to see you writing in this space again, and wow, what a surprise! Wishing you an easy and healthy pregnancy …

  2. Thank you! I still need to bookmark your new blog…I keep forgetting to do that…hope you are doing well.

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