Posted by: expectingamiracle | February 18, 2012

39 weeks

How far along?  39 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  watermelon

Total weight gain/loss:  I gained 4 lb in one week!  Wow!  I was super surprised since I’ve had a cold and I thought I was eating less than normal.   So now I’m up 31.5 lb.  I guess my body has decided to pack it on now suddenly?  Looks like I’ll probably have about the same amount of gain as I did with Matthew.  I am totally fine with it, just so long as it’s going at least partly on ME and I don’t have a gigantic baby.  Midwife just said not to overdo the carbs and sweets and I’ll be fine.

Maternity clothes?  Yes, and they are getting tighter!

Sleep:  Doing about the same.  I wake up sometimes I think from a Braxton Hicks and feel very uncomfortable when I roll out of bed to go pee.  Today I have been super tired for some reason, despite an okay sleep at night and a nap.

Best moment this week:  Finally being able to breathe again now that my cold is mostly gone!

Movement:  Still moving fine, some movements can be painful, especially down where his head is.

Food cravings/aversions:   no one big craving and I’ve had several days where I feel a little queasy here and there

Belly Button in or out? Out, it’s kind of hard to even tell I HAVE a belly button

What I miss:  Not worry about WHEN I’m going to go into labor.  I am 39w2d and I had Matthew at 38w6d.  So since I’m past the point I had him, I keep wondering “is this it?” every time I start having a few contractions.

What I am looking forward to:   Having the baby!  I’m excited to meet him.  The only thing I wish was that we could be more decided on a name.

Weekly Wisdom:   A watched pot never boils.  ;o)

Milestones:  I am PAST the gestation at which I had Matthew.  Less than a week till my EDD.

Symptoms:  Braxton Hicks are happening quite a bit.  And then also some real contractions here and there, but nothing too intense OR regular.

Midwife visit last week:  Doing fine.  My pulse was a little fast at 92, but BP was great.  Baby is in a good position.  I can tell when he goes posterior so hopefully he will be easy to “flip” if he tries to get into that position in labor.  Really we have been over most everything important already.  My last schedule appointment is this next week and then I will additional ones as needed if I go past my EDD.



  1. You are getting close. Good luck!

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