Posted by: expectingamiracle | February 18, 2012

37 weeks

Finally trying to finish playing catch up…months after the baby was born!  🙂

How far along?  37 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  watermelon!

Total weight gain/loss:  no new weight

Maternity clothes?  Yes

Sleep:  it’s taking even longer to fall asleep at night but I am still tired during the day.  I sure hope the insomnia goes away after baby gets here!

Best moment this week:   I got a double stroller off Craigslist for $15 so that was pretty cool!  And David and I got a date night.  We got dinner and then went for dessert (Blizards) at Dairy Queen and talked about baby names.

Movement:  Still moving a lot and I feel limbs more on my left side.

Food cravings/aversions:   fruit

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss:  Energy!  And I feel like if I do too much, I worry that baby might come too soon.  So I am trying not to overdo it.

What I am looking forward to:   Getting all the crap that I just ordered off Amazon, hah!  Seriously once all that comes in I feel like I will have all the “stuff” I need.  And then it’s just a matter of  finishing (well, David finishing) little projects and picking a name.  (We are down to 4 names now though!)

Weekly Wisdom:   ?

Milestones:  3 weeks from my due date!  At this point 37w3d, I am less than 2 weeks away from the gestation that I had Matthew at!  Kinda scary.

Symptoms:  I have felt kinda spacey a few times, hoping it’s just being tired.  Also I noticed that I have stretch marks on my belly this time!  But they are only on my left side.  I will have to make sure to take a picture.  I didn’t get them last time…or at least only a couple waaaay down low that I didn’t notice till after I gave birth.  So I will have to see if these new ones fade or not, or if they stick around.  And here I was thinking I was lucking out!

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