Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 6, 2011

33 weeks

How far along?  33 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  honeydew melon

Total weight gain/loss:  the weeklong stomach virus caused me to lose weight.  😦  I lost two pounds so now my total gain is 18.5 lb

Maternity clothes?  yes

Sleep:  I am falling asleep much easier now that I am doing my Hypnobabies tracks before bed at night.  I figured I might as well do it even if it’s late because it takes me forever to fall asleep anyway, another 30-40 minutes listening to a track is no biggie and half the time I go totally to sleep while listening to it.

Best moment this week:  June 25 (yesterday) was the first time Matthew spontaneously said “I yuv you”.

Movement:  Flexing around with a few kicks/jabs here and there.  Sometimes it is actually a little bit painful!

Food cravings/aversions:   Dairy

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss:  Letting Matthew climb all over me or cuddle or do whatever and not having to be careful that he doesn’t hurt my belly by accident.

What I am looking forward to:   My mom is coming to visit again later this week.  🙂  And July 4th weekend, hopefully David will have a 3 day weekend.  He worked part of the weekend this past one and it sucks!

Weekly Wisdom:  ?

Milestones:  ?

Symptoms:   Tired more easily.

I had my midwife visit this past week.  As I already mentioned, I did lose 2 lb which my midwife was not that surprised about it.  I’m hoping to make up for it and then some here in these last few weeks!  Everything else was great.   BP was 100/60 and baby’s heart rate ranged between 132 and 161.  (He got excited there for a little while.)  She checked to see where he was and was pretty sure he was head down but not positive as his head was a little softer than she expected.  Since she hasn’t had much practice with the ultrasound machine, we got a little peek in at Skippyjon to make sure he was head down.  Matthew and David only stayed for a minute and then went out of the room because David thought it was freaking Matthew out to see me laying down on the exam table.   I got just a little glimpse at his face and got to see some big looking hands, ribs, heart.  I tried to check and see if he still had his little boy parts but it was too hard to make out what was what (and again, my midwife was not experienced at doing u/s).  I *thought* I saw testicles at one point but who knows.  For whatever reason, I have been nervous of the ultrasound being wrong this time around, though I’m still about 98% sure that he’s a boy!  I had her talk to David some about waterbirth because apparently he was watching “The Office” where they were talking about how the placenta floats to the top and then he started thinking about what if the baby started breathing under the water.  I think it probably freaked him out when my midwife started talking about how they use a little net to scoop out any fecal matter that comes out while pushing, LOL.  I was thinking, don’t give him any more to worry about!  I was surprised that she said about 30-50% of women do a water birth (I thought it would be more).  She said virtually everyone labors in the tub, but for various reasons, not everyone wants to actually be in the tub for the pushing part.   I guess we’ll see how it goes.  She talked about starting perineal massage soon and later David was like “yeah I don’t know about that….”  Hah!   Can’t remember what else we discussed…it’s a little harder to talk about things when Matthew is there because even with toys we have to keep redirecting him from opening cabinets, playing with the stirups on the exam table, etc.  I only have one more evening appointment that David will be at (36 weeks) which is when we go over my birth plan so maybe I can get someone to watch Matthew while David and I go to that.

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