Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 6, 2011

2 Years Old

Found this older post that I need to publish.  🙂  Most of this is from about a month ago at least.


Matthew has said lots of funny things lately.

-A few weeks ago he was naked and pointed to his penis and said “big”.  I was thinking WHAT?  Haha.

-He also patted one of my boobs after nursing one morning and then said “big”.  Thanks buddy.

– My tummy however is another story.  In Matthew speak “B big” means “too big”.  The other morning I he touched my belly and said “B big”.  Guess he is noticing it.

-My husband asked the other day if “that baby was still nursing”.  Um, yes!  He finished the other morning, smiled at me and said “Good” with a huge grin.

-He will go off in a corner or into a closet or the pantry to go poop.  If you ask him to go to the potty instead, he flings his hands at me in a “go away” motion and says “Noooo”.

-He still loves a good game of “git choo” where I chase him and tell him “I’m gonna get you!”

-When he wants to do something himself, like turn book pages or hold something, he will insist “Mattoo!”

-He seems to know all his colors for the most part.  Most of them are pronounced a little differently – geen, boo, wohwoh

-He just recently started saying “bagel” instead of “beagle” and it makes me sad.

-Strawberries are known as “aw-bees”

-He counts to 10 but skips the number 7.  David thinks it is because that’s the only 2 syllable number.

-He asks all the time for “moo-gik”, which means he wants me to turn a music CD on.

-If the 3 of us are out walking together, he has to hold both our hands.  He will hold one hand out and say “Dada han” and then the other “Mama han”, so so so sweet.

-He has had a recent obsession with the attic since he saw his Nana go up there.  He keeps talking about the “aggic” and will say “Nana aggic.  Up stairs”.  One evening he was saying “teetee aggic” (kitty attic) so I asked him if he wanted kitty to go up in the attic and he grinned huge and said “Yes!”   Poor kitty, haha.

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