Posted by: expectingamiracle | June 21, 2011

27 weeks

How far along?  27 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  eggplant still

Total weight gain/loss:  I gained another 4.5 lb, up 13.5 lb from pre-pregnancy

Maternity clothes?  yes and a few of the shirts I have been wearing are now too short, only the longer ones will do.  I splurged and bought some new clothes just the other day.  Last time I got away with wearing scrubs to work a lot of days that were long enough to cover my belly, so this time I need more “real” clothes.

Sleep:  I wish Matthew would get over his cold!  His snoring during our naptime is interferring with MY naptime.  Oh well.  I also don’t seem to be sleepy till too late, but then of course I’m tired the next morning.

Best moment this week:  I had a good midwife visit last week!  Baby’s heartrate was great, we are pretty sure he is head down.  Right now she thinks he is posterior because she felt a lot of limbs along the front.  But he’s still got lots of wiggle room.  He moved from my right side over to my left side to get away from the doppler.  I had trace protein in my urine, which she said was okay and also leukocytes in my urine (had that last time too).  She wasn’t concerned since I have no other symptoms of a UTI.  I had my GTT done (got to drink a sugary grape juice rather than that nasty orange drink) and she let me know later I passed with flying colors!  I am not exactly sure on the numbers but I think it had to be less than 130 and mine was 79.  Hemoglobin was 12, which is good.  We talked a little about postpartum issues, and I did tell her I had baby blues for sure with Matthew, plus throw in the reflux and it was tough.  She said for the first two weeks I am to do NO housework or childcare tasks, only take care of the baby and she thinks plenty of help will help me feel better emotionally.  She also said no lifting Matthew for 2-3 weeks.  I hope this will help convince David to take off more than a week for baby’s birth.  I know my mom will come help out too but I’d still like him to take off more time, then have my mom come later.

Movement:  Feeling lots of movement, he is active right around my bedtime.  I do feel a little hand maybe? around my belly button sometimes and pretty sure I feel his feet up top now and then.

Food cravings/aversions:   Cheese and sweets.

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss:  I miss feeling like I can just run around and do stuff as much as I want, I am already feeling like I have to “slow down”.

What I am looking forward to:   Pool party with friends on Friday!  I may be crazy but I am actually looking forward to showing off my baby belly in my maternity swimsuit.  I’m glad my body seems to do well with pregnancy, it helps me not have body issues and I really feel like for the most part I embrace the changes and how I look and overall think I’m a cute pregnant woman.  :o)

Weekly Wisdom:  ?

Milestones:  Almost to 28 weeks!  Isn’t that 3rd trimester?!

Symptoms:  My belly feels overly big and pushing up at nighttime.  My back is starting to hurt a little if I do too much.  My midwife has mentioned several times if I have too many problems to go to a chiropractor (they have a couple they recommend).  I’m sure David will freak about that, haha.  He is not a fan of chiropractors and to be fair, I have heard my share of horror stories.  But apparently there are some really good ones out there.

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