Posted by: expectingamiracle | June 21, 2011

25 Weeks

How far along?  25 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  eggplant

Total weight gain/loss:  no new weight

Maternity clothes?  yup

Sleep:  I have been having big time insomnia the past few nights.  It sucks, takes forever to get to sleep and then I’m tired the next morning.  I’m still napping, I lay down with Matthew and don’t rest very well due to his flip flopping/noise making/waking up but I do lay down for a couple hours each day even if I’m not asleep so maybe that is messing up my sleep cycle?  I know I should get out my Hypnobabies…I don’t even remember when I’m supposed to start it!  Maybe that might help.

Best moment this week:  Matthew’s 2nd birthday party!

Movement:  Plenty and I have started feeling something in my left side that feels small but poky, like either fingers or toes maybe?  It happens when I lay down on my left side at night.

Food cravings/aversions:   I want juice again.

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss:  Having shorts that fit.  I only have one pair of decent maternity shorts and those are starting to feel too tight.  😦  Need to go shopping.

What I am looking forward to:   Midwife visit next week

Weekly Wisdom:  ?

Milestones:  If baby comes a bit early, then I could potentially only have 3 months left.  Yikes!

Symptoms:  Insomnia at night?

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