Posted by: expectingamiracle | June 9, 2011

Matthew at 21 months

Matthew at 21 months…  (posted belated like all my other posts these days!)

-Right now he is going through a whiny/cranky phase.  He has a couple canines still trying to come in on top so maybe that is part of it.  He has say SO many words now so we are working on him telling us what he wants/needs rather than whining. 

-He can count to 10 with help.  He never says one, he LOVES two, and he usually skips eight, but the others he is pretty good with.

-Right now he is into playing with his Mega Bloks, stacking cups (fitting them inside each other), marbles (ugh!  wish daddy had never brought those out), anything that he can practice open and closing or dumping things in and out of containers and putting them back in again.  I also think he is starting to get a little into the “packrat” phase because he has started putting some of his toys in a wicker basket and dragging them around the house.  He also pulls around a little wagon with toys in it.  I really want to get him a little shopping cart.

-He likes to give us Eskimo kisses and it is pretty much one of the most adorable things.

-He has finally gotten used to Mother’s Day Out (he goes once a week) and the past two times he hasn’t cried at all.  I think his personality is starting to come out there as well as he gets used to it.

-He likes to hide behind the curtains and play peekaboo.

-I am not sure what his vocabulary is supposed to be but I honestly can say I have probably heard him say hundreds of words.  He is very good at repeating back something if you ask him to say it and he likes to repeat back things I say, especially the last word of a sentence.  I also go through the ABCs with him one at a time and he will say them back.  There are some sounds he can’t make yet, but he tries.  I think I’ve heard a few two word “sentences” here and there but for the vast majority, he only says one word at a time. 

-He likes to lay his head down on top of Stormy (our cat) and say “awww”.  He loves anything about Stormy and for as long as she will let him, he likes to point out and name her nose, ears, paws and tag.  He also does people body parts and he is really good with all those.

-He loves music and he has started doing a few of the motions to “The Wheels on the Bus” when I turn it on. 

-He had a sweet moment with his Uncle John a few weeks ago when my brother was playing guitar and singing to him.  Matthew was utterly fascinated and every time John would stop playing, Matthew would frantically sign “more, more”.  Made my brother feel really great, what an audience! 

-He can say the words for all his signs but he still does the signs some of the time, for: more, all done, please, sorry and thank you.

-Another thing I am trying to teach him is to be specific when telling me he needs something.  I swear I hear “hep hep hep” (help) all day long!  So I try to direct him to tell me he wants something opened, or to play with him, etc.

-Not much progress on potty training I am afraid.  I caught him hiding about to poop the other day and asked him if he wanted to go poo poo on the potty and there was a very emphatic “NO!” and flinging of his hands to make me go away.

-He has also pushed me away and said “no” several times!  Once was when he was in the kitchen doing something with David.  Another couple times when he was playing with my mom.  I don’t know if he just wanted only her or if he thought I was coming in there to tell him it was time for a diaper change or something like that.

-Generally speaking though, he is my little shadow.  If I walk into another room, he goes with me.  He also goes to me much more when he wants something, rather than his dad.


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