Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 8, 2011

Big Ultrasound

I am writing this much, much after that fact but I’ll copy and paste everything from the online forum I’m on. 

We had our big ultrasound on March 10.   I was 17w6d.  The tech asked if we wanted to know and right away she said “You have a son”.   He was flexing his legs way up towards his heads with his little boy stuff showing!   He also gave a little yawn.   He’s like his mommy and thought it was too early for all this.   We didn’t get as good of pictures as we did with Matthew, unfortunately.  I hadn’t drank all that much OJ and though he was moving a little, he wasn’t bouncing around in there all crazy like Matthew did.  Maybe this one will be calmer.   The angle of looking at him was different than what I remembered so I asked her was she 100% sure on gender and she said yes, totally sure and showed us again and it was pretty obvious.

I was a little disappointed at first but once it was over and we were eating breakfast I was thinking of his sweet little face and how I can’t wait to meet him! I told David that it’s more that I am sad because I want a girl, but not because HE isn’t a girl. He is who he is, and my maternal instinct kicked in seeing him and I just love him so much.

And I thought of another big pro to keep me going if I ever feel any cute girly clothes envy….unless David changes his mind and springs for a 3rd and that one winds up a girl, I will NEVER have to play Barbies!   (Sorry to all you doll and Barbie loving mamas, it’s just not me  )

Two little boys, wow! I hope Matthew and his brother grow up to be good friends with each other.

—And now that it has had more time to sink in, I am really used to the idea of having two boys.  I have found some cute clothes for my little guy that I’m excited about it and I adore the “little brother” onesies. 
Every once in a while I get a bit sad that I won’t ever have the experience of having a daughter.  But I try and look at it as I guess I am supposed to be a “boy mom”.  :o)  And looking at all the other moms I know, I think I’ll do better as a “boy mom” than as a “girl mom” if that makes sense.  I am so not into all that manicure, girly girl stuff, haha.

Here is my little bitty baby BOY!

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