Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 2, 2011

16 weeks

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby is the size of a:  avocado

Total weight gain/loss:  don’t know this week

Maternity clothes?  mostly wearing my one pair of jeans that fits kind of under my belly and then my shirts that are longer.  I did sort through all my maternity clothes a few days ago and so far worn one of them.

Sleep:  Tossing and turning a bit more lately, trying to get comfy.  Plus waking to pee.

Best moment this week:  Got my midwife and ultrasound appointments set up!  David trying to feel the baby kick and talking to the baby. 

Movement:  I am feeling movement every day now.  Several times throughout the day.  Still not huge movements, but noticeable for sure.

Food cravings/aversions:   Still want fruit, juice, dairy.

Belly Button in or out? Looking at it this evening, it looks out!  But not enough to poke out on my shirts.

What I miss:  Not feeling hormonal, I have been really emotional about some things the past few days.  Mostly that David has made it clear he really want to be DONE after this baby and it makes me sad to think of this being our last.

What I am looking forward to:  First midwife visit coming up in a few days!  Also my ultrasound is in less than 3 weeks.

Weekly Wisdom:  I love this comment made by an online friend in a discussion about having more kids… “if I could somehow have a newborn baby around me at all times, without having a baby every 9 months, I would do it!!  But really, we have to let go at some point, lest we become Michelle Duggar.”  I suppose there’s wisdom in that!

Milestones:  Feeling baby move every day now.  Almost to 4 months!

Symptoms:  I still pee a lot but it doesn’t seem quite as bad as it was a week or two ago.  Emotional the past couple days, I’m sure partly due to pregnancy hormones.  Oh and I forgot to mention last week but suddenly my nipples are getting more sensitive!  This is tough because of nursing.  When he latches on now it really hurts!  Usually if I can get past the first 30 seconds it eases up and I can let him nurse about 5 minutes on each side.  But if he goes too long or starts clamping down or moving around too much then it hurts so bad I have to tell him that he’s done.  My boobs also feel fuller even though I don’t think it’s due to milk since I don’t have a lot of that.  Breast tissue growth?


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