Posted by: expectingamiracle | December 7, 2010

Gray hairs

Here’s a few of my darling son’s escapades, because heaven knows I need to remember these things and tell him all about it someday when he is older with kids of his own.

The other day I was taking a shower.  I put Matthew to where he could be in our bedroom and bathroom so I could keep an eye and an ear out for him (we have a see through shower door).  All was well and he was playing and then I heard a “clink clink crunch!”  I glance out and see that he has taken a drinking glass off of my nightstand and tapped it against the tile floor of the bathroom, where it broke.  I lept out the shower (wet and naked of course), took away the broken piece of glass he was holding (no cuts thank goodness), snatched off his diaper and took him in the shower with me.  Then as I’m getting him dressed on his changing table, he is grabbing at my boobs and whining because he wants to nurse, because, well, hey!  There’s mom’s boobs!  Just hanging right there for me!  I had to wait until he was down for a nap to go tackle all the water and broken glass in the bathroom.

And today.  Oh my word, today.  I am tired.  Matthew is sick and I had to get up with him last night and then he got up early (and still won’t take a nap but that is another story) and also, I am pregnant!  Which is wonderful but tends to make one tired.  So I was resting on the couch while he played.  I nodded off for just a few minutes.  I woke and realized it was quiet and went to go see what he was up to.  Then I saw the open front door.  Oh my God.  I can’t even describe the panic.  Normally, our front door is locked but it wasn’t today.  And I have never seen Matthew actually succeed at opening any door. 

The door was open and his lawnmower push toy that was on the front porch was gone (which didn’t click in my mind until a minute later or so).  I ran outside, screaming his name and looked up and down the street and did not see him.  I started to run down toward the pond at the end of the cul de sac (praying all the while) and saw that neither he, nor the push toy was there.  I had the horrible thought that if he had fallen into the pond, he probably would have left his push toy before he reached it.  So since I didn’t see the push toy, there was a small bit of relief that he probably did not drown.  I ran back towards the house and about that time, I saw him, coming from the other direction, pushing his lawnmower push toy, with one sock on and one bare foot.  I ran up to him and hugged him and he was obviously completely unphased by the whole experience.  I did gently chide him that he could only go outside if mommy was with him.  Though I’m sure if he got the door open again, he’d be out in a flash.  My husband and I are figuring out the best option to keep this from EVER happening again.  Until then I will be positive I keep the door locked and quite possibly may never sleep again.

Those were some of the most terrifying minutes of my life.   To think I could have lost my son.  And now that is over it feels surreal, like it didn’t really happen.  Because I still can’t wrap my mind around it. 

I am so grateful.  Grateful to God that my boy is safe.

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