Posted by: expectingamiracle | November 23, 2010

Here we go again

I went back to the RE Nov. 23, and I’m just now posting the thoughts I typed out from that day:

I went back to the RE today.  Well, a different person (in the same practice), since the woman I saw before doesn’t practice at the location I go to. He was really nice and I really liked him. We talked some about my previous history and Matthew and I showed him pics.  I feel bad I never sent one to my previous RE and my acupuncturist…I need to do that, 18 months later!

I conceived Matthew after a miscarriage and a year of infertility. The cycle we got him was our first medicated cycle, I had an HSG to check out my tubes, did 50 mg of Clomid and acupuncture.

Our plan of action this time: get a bunch of hormone bloodwork done on CD 2 or 3, including a new test (AMH) that tells how good your ovarian reserve is. I don’t remember what all else, but I know they will check prolactin, which should give me an idea if BFing is interfering. He said he didn’t think it would be, given Matthew’s age. Also an ultrasound on CD 2 or 3 to check my lining and follicles.

Then (I don’t know what day!) I will have a sonohysterogram, where they put some saline in my uterus to inflate it a little and check for polyps. He’s checking for that since I keep having spotting after AF has left. I anticipate that not being too bad, since I did an HSG (another procedure where they do dye through your tubes) 2 years ago and tolerated that well.

Clomid day 3-7. Ultrasound to look at my follicles CD 12 or 13. And then the 2 ww.

He said he would have expected me to have responded a bit better to the Clomid than I did last time. Well, other than the fact that I DID get pregnant, which was obviously good. But he said he would have liked to see another follicle at least somewhere near ovulation size and there wasn’t. So…hmm… We shall see how it goes this time around. I’m not assuming that I will get preggo the first round again, though it would be super nice obviously. He also said he didn’t think I behaved like a PCOS patient, so that got ruled out I guess. (Previous RE was unsure about it based on one of my ultrasounds.) No cooter cam this time, which surprised me. It would have been my first time having a guy doctor cooter cam me too!

Oh and one of the most awesome parts of the visit was when I checked out! Apparently Dh‘s new company has some infertility coverage! Yea!!! They don’t pay for actual procedures like IUI and IVF (which we aren’t considering right now anyway), but they pay for the doctor visits and ultrasounds, I just have to do the copay. So instead of $200 each for my ultrasounds I only have to pay $50. And depending on how it goes through she said it may only be $50 for actual Dr visits and nothing for the ultrasounds. That is so freaking awesome! I feel so lucky our insurance pays something this time.

I’m holding off on the acupuncture for now, though I’d love to do it. It’s a long drive and expensive and then I have to find someone to watch Matthew, which will be challenging enough with just the fertility clinic visits.   I’m pretty nervous about that.

I feel like I am going into this in a MUCH better mental place than last time. Last time I was so sad and scared. This time I am hopeful and optimistic. I know my body can do this. It may not happen very quickly and I’m prepared we might have to do more and different treatments, but I do believe it will happen. Last time I really didn’t know if I would ever have a baby. It made me super grateful all over again for my little guy to remember all the heartbreak we had before him.


  1. It’s so nice that you have some fertility coverage this time. Makes all of the procedures just a little more bearable. Having a child already certainly does make scheduling doctor’s appointments a bit of a juggling act!

    Will be thinking of you as you go through the next steps and hoping that you have success soon.

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