Posted by: expectingamiracle | November 22, 2010


“Wishing doesn’t make it so” and thus, I am headed back to the RE in just two days! 

It will be a new guy, as the one I saw before doesn’t practice in my area of town anymore.  And note I said, GUY, yes after years of female OBs and a female RE, I will have my girly parts inspected by a man doctor for the first time ever.  Seems sort of anti-climatic actually.

I realized today that, oh crap!  I need to give them all my forms.  We don’t have a fax machine so I told them I’d drop them at the office and then I sort of forgot about it.  So hopefully one day before my appointment is not too late.  I also in theory should have given the release of medical information form to my OB’s office.  Oops.  Can you tell that either life is more busy these days or else I am just a lot more relaxed (maybe too relaxed?) about this process?  Therefore proving that “just relaxing” certainly does not make babies.  Sure, I stress about it every now and then, but for the most part I am just living my life, having some sex around ovulation and then getting kind of pissed when my period shows up. 

I’m still optimistic that it’s all just a matter of time and possibly, treatments.  I’m going into it this time in a much better mental place.  Matthew is proof that my body can do this.


  1. Thinking of you, and so glad that you’re able to be in a better place this time around.

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