Posted by: expectingamiracle | October 29, 2010

7 things

#1 You know what is weird? This keeps happening…Matthew will be nursing at bedtime and I recite “Goodnight Moon” by heart. Then sometimes I tell him something about how he is going night night or what have you. And for some reason, every time I say “I love you” he does the sign for “milk”. He only does this when I say “I love you”, not anything else I say and he also never does it when I tell him “I love you” during the day.

So now that does that mean?
“Yes mommy, you love me and I know because you are giving me milk?”
“Yes mommy, you love me and I love milk.”

Or something entirely different?

#2  The other day Matthew got mad because I pointed out some flowers in a book of his; he tried to pick them and couldn’t. 

I find this amusing.

#3  We went on vacation and got back about a week ago.  He did really well on the plane.  Not as great on the long car rides.

#4  He just had his 3rd molar start to come through and THANK GOD.  His gums have been so swollen and it’s been giving him fits.  I hope he feels better now.

#5 He is a tiger for Halloween.  I wanted to give him whiskers and a black nose with face paint but there is no way he was letting me do that.

#6  I trimmed his hair myself a few days ago and I still have not decided if I am brave or stupid.  My husband still has not noticed.

#7  My husband has also been ridiculously busy since we got back from vacation.  It kind of stinks.  But it occured to me that it is not the crisis it would have been when Matthew was tiny.  Yeah, I haven’t been getting his help in the evenings.  But I have survived.  Sometimes I get something in my head that I “need” someone to help me do XYZ with Matthew and maybe it was the case when he was younger, but is not anymore. 

I’m still pretty tired though

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