Posted by: expectingamiracle | September 14, 2010


It is starting again.  That ache.  That old familiar ache of wanting to be pregnant and knowing that another month has passed in which I’m not.

I hate it. 

It’s only been about 4-5 months since we started TTC again.  And we did get pregnant that first month (only to lose the baby so quickly).  But I am ready.  And not exactly patient.  And come to think of it, shouldn’t 5 months be long enough of a wait?  There are people out there, they get pregnant the first month they try (and their baby doesn’t die) or the second or third. 

Not me. 

Seeing friends or people I know announcing their pregnancies is hurting in a way that it didn’t only a few months ago. 

It was easier when I didn’t want it quite so much. 

The ache is back.  I can’t say I’ve missed it.

At all.


  1. Stopping by from LFCA and I have to tell you I completely relate! I want to be pregnant again so badly and unfortunately since we’re dealing with major infertility problems it will take both time and some help from the RE to make that happen again, so frustrating! Hope that the road to pregnancy is a bit easier for you & that it happens soon:)

  2. here from LFCA. Thinking of you as you apprach these sad anniversaries. TTC after pregnancy loss is so hard. Sending love your way.

  3. Ugh. I’m pretty sure I will be in that place soon, and I’m not looking forward to it. Thinking of you.

  4. I know the ache well. Sending you love and light.

    ~Elaine, LFCA

  5. Yup. I feel ya sister. Both my sister-in-laws are pregnant. Second announcement tonight. First one is due a week after our due date was. Not fair.

  6. I’m so with you on this one and am sorry you’re feeling this way.

    Here from the Friday Roundup, sending you (((hugs)))

  7. I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are experiencing. But I can imagine how much worse having pregnancies around you must be making it. I have no words that can make it all better. All I can offer is a virtual (((hug))) from a stranger. I truely hope you hurting eases and that you find your arms filled with a precious healthy bundle soon.

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