Posted by: expectingamiracle | September 10, 2010

16 months

There has been a veritible explosion in what Matthew obviously understands.  He will get his shoes and bring them to me if I ask him to.  If I say “let’s go” he runs to the door that leads to the garage (and the car).  If I say “let’s go for a walk” he goes the front door.  If I say “patio” he runs to the back door.  He certainly understands “let’s change your diaper”, as that usually ends up in a game of chase.  I told him to slow down the other day when he was running outside and was amazed when he actually did.  Who would have thought?! 

He does 3 signs now, “more” (which he also uses when he wants to eat), “all done” (generally just at mealtime) and “milk” (for nursing).  Just those 3 simple things actually make a big difference! 

We are currently doing sleep training AGAIN, this time for real.  A week of controlled crying.  Yes.  If he was waking at night, nursing and then going back to sleep it would be fine.  But he wakes, cries, I nurse, he babbles and whines and then an hour later cries and wants to nurse again, then maybe falls asleep after another half hour.  Um, no.  Last night I went in a second time and he signed milk and I told him “No.  Milk is night night.” and he screamed because he was so mad.  At any rate, I feel confident that right now he understands quite a lot of what I say and he understood I wasn’t giving him milk and that I expected him to go to sleep.  Of course he didn’t like it, but he understood.  He cried off and on for 45 minutes to an hour earlier and now he has been babbling in his crib for the past hour.  I don’t get why he doesn’t just go to sleep.  But then, that is the point of the sleep training and my hope is that eventually he’ll wake up, realize he needs to go back to sleep and just DOES.  Or at least if he wants to be up in the middle of the night, that he’ll just babble and not cry.  If that happens maybe I can ditch the monitor because the babbling keeps me up as bad as the crying does.  I’d really like to be on more of a normal schedule and that is the other reason for the CC.  We’ll see how it goes. 

I kind of didn’t post about his haircut, but the long and short (hehe) of it is we did it!  Finally.  I miss the hippie hair, but it was time.  I have decided I need a girl next time so I will have a baby whose curls I can keep on caressing.

Before and after:

Look at his little devilish grin!  This was during a game of chase (yes I took the pill sorter away).

Is there anything sweeter than your son picking you a flower?

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