Posted by: expectingamiracle | August 4, 2010

15 months

I’m going to be sad someday when I look back on this blog and don’t see many posts from this time period.  It just always seems like something else gets put before blogging, even if it’s just zoning out for some internet browsing time.

Matthew is 15 months.  At his well visit he was 23 lb, 5 oz which is the 25th%.  32 inches which is the 75th%.  He hasn’t gained much weight but is still growing taller, so the Dr isn’t concerned.  As active as he is, I am not totally surprised. 

He loves to run.  I get embarrassed when I take him to the library because he just wants to run up and down the aisle of books laughing and squealing.  I feel a bit flabbergasted when I see babies his age (or a bit older) calmly playing with the legos, bead mazes and puzzles. 

His hair has gotten quite long but I haven’t brought myself to cut it.  I think he will get a haircut soon though.  It’s in his eyes in the front and the back is undeniably mullet-ish looking as the little bit of curl that was there is starting to fall out.  I know it’s going to change him so much and I will miss the way his hair flys around when he shakes his head.

As I look down, I can see bruises all up and down my legs from where he bites.  Yup, little darlin’ is a biter.  Ugh.  You just never know when it will be a bite, a kiss, or that in between thing where he bumps his teeth against you but doesn’t actually chomp down.  We’ve tried stern admonishment, yelling at him to stop, time outs and a few hand spankings.  Sometimes he is deterred but he always goes back to it before long.  Not fun.

The older he gets, the more assured I am that he does NOT have my or David’s personality.  From what I gather, he is my dad all over again.  It’s funny.  I never would have thought I’d have such an outgoing child.  Maybe God knew I would want a reminder of my dad, so he gave me Matthew. 

My boy gets bored being at home.  He wants to go places, do things.  And maybe that is all toddlers, but I think he is more extreme.  Toys?  They are okay but nothing to someone playing with you and being around people.   I say he is social, and he is, but even interacting with people takes a backseat to something interesting to explore.

And there we are.  This post is now several weeks old but I’m putting in on here anyway.


  1. So exciting to watch babies growing up. 🙂 They all have their own little quirks. Don’t worry, he won’t still be biting people when he gets to college. 😉 Maybe you can try some shin guards?

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