Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 18, 2010

Back in the saddle

Well, the time has come…
to try and make Matthew a big brother.  Can you believe it?  I don’t think I quite do yet.

We’d like a two year spacing, which is why we’re starting now.  Of course I know there is a decent chance it will take awhile.  I’ve resigned myself to thinking a 3 year gap is still “okay” just so I don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t happen as soon as I’d like.

I’m feeling pretty chill (for me anyway) about the whole thing, which I guess can be attributed to many reasons: 

-It doesn’t even feel real yet
-We’ve just started trying, so I have not had any disappointments thus far
-I’m busy trying to keep my baby from getting into anything and everything
-Matthew is living proof that I should be able to have another child. 

Given enough time, and medical assistance if we need it, I think it will happen again.  Of course I do hope we can avoid the medical assistance this time around.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Here is where I also give mad props to breastfeeding.  My “Aunt” did not return until Matthew was 11 months old, so I’ve only had her visit twice so far.  She has showed up just in time for us to start TTC.

It really doesn’t feel like that long ago when I was pregnant with Matthew.  I’m excited at the thought of getting to do it all again.

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