Posted by: expectingamiracle | March 14, 2010

Remember when

I have gotten slacker-ish about my blog.  What a bummer, because I know I will forget things.  I was thinking just today and trying to remember something my OB told me when I was pregnant.  I think it was the ultrasound where I was 9 weeks pregnant and Matthew was dancing around like crazy.  Wild thing.  And she said something to the effect of “Your husband is too quiet.  You need some excitement in your life!”  and some sort of reference to having a rambunctious (but that wasn’t the term) child.

I was laughing about it with David today.  Um, yeah, you think we now have some excitement in our lives?  My baby boy.  Love him to bits.  But he is H.I.G.H.  E.N.E.R.G.Y.  He was crawling like mad and laughing and squealing and hanging on the banister rails in the gameroom the other night at 11:30 p.m. while my husband I just laid on the couch and floor (respectively), exhausted.  No, we do not normally let him be up that late but he kept waking up, crying, over and over, so David just let him be awake for awhile and wear himself out.  Anyway, so David has always said that personality is only based on environment and not genetics at all (I have disagreed).  Yet that night David insinuated that Matthew must have gotten this from my side of the family.  Hah! 

I keep thinking of the things I want to remember about his babyhood, the things you just can’t capture.

-the softness of his cheeks
-the sound of his hands slapping against the tile when he first learned to crawl
-open mouthed slobbery baby kisses, sometimes at the cost of a bite when the kissing is done
-the way tufts of hair fall down over his ears, despite me tucking them back
-that milky sweet smell on his breath from nursing, it may sound strange but I breathe it in and makes me feel so wonderful.  It’s intoxicating and addictive.
-the weight of his sleeping body against mine.  I remember how he used to feel so tiny against me and now I feel him getting heavier and heavier
-how peaceful he looks while he sleeps and how it feels to kiss him and whisper what I’ve whispered since I was pregnant with him “night night baby.  I love you.” 

Those are the things I want to remember that I won’t ever see in a photo. 


  1. I too love the weight of baby sleeping on mama, milk breath, and the sloppy kisses. Life is so sweet as a mom, isn’t it?

    You know, DH and I were hyper kids and Jack is Mr Mellow. Go figure.

  2. that baby breathe…. I have already been trying to “get it’ as much as possible, I’m so sad to think that will go away some day 😦
    Oh and the little smile/laughs while they sleep…awwwww

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