Posted by: expectingamiracle | January 25, 2010

Pedi Visit

Matthew had his 9 month well baby visit today.  He was 21 lb and 28.5 inches long, which is around the 60th percentile for each.  He was in the 75th percentile at his 6 month visit, but his Dr isn’t concerned so I am trying not to be.  Though I can’t help but feel like it’s because he doesn’t really eat solids.
She was pleased with the sitting up, crawling and pulling up on things.  I told her he just started pulling up the day before he turned 9 months and it was because she had said he was supposed to be doing that by 9 months, haha.  She said the next things to “work on” are waving bye bye and the pincer grasp. 
She also got to see his temper when he decided he didn’t want her listening with the stethoscope any longer.  He fussed and pushed it away. 
She did say she heard a heart murmur.  She has never heard one before and she said 95% of the time it’s “just a sound” so she will continue to follow up on that at each visit, but it’s probably nothing.
His ears looked great despite how he keeps pulling on them.  He rubs his nose and eyes a lot and she said that could be allergy related.  She is glad we’re going  to the allergist on Wed.  His eczema has been bad enough lately that I’ve been having to put hydrocortisone cream on it, which I hate to do too much.  Poor baby, when I pick him up, he rubs his arm against me because it itches.
I also showed her how when he is in a standing position (supported of course) he stands on his tip toes.  She checked his ankle flexibility and said that it was good, so that isn’t the problem.  She said to keep an eye on it and though they normally say bare feet are best for learning to walk, that shoes may help him learn to stand flat footed if he keeps staying on his toes.
She also said it looked like he is working on his top teeth now.  I couldn’t tell but I guess she could and I hope that is what’s going on because this afternoon he was crying and crying. 
He’s supposed to get his CBC done to check for anemia and we’ll do that when he has his allergy bloodwork done on Wed. 

All in all, a good visit.  More on little bitty boo later!


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