Posted by: expectingamiracle | January 10, 2010

GI appointment

Matthew had his GI appointment on Friday. I was nervous about it, because I didn’t know what they might want to do/suggest and also just taking your baby to a specialist/big medical center was just kinda scary.

The Dr was nice and he wasn’t super concerned about Matthew and said he is growing well, seems happy and his poo didn’t have any blood in it.   He said he wanted me to not eat dairy, soy or eggs since those were the top offenders. He said nuts, fish and wheat were also up there but he said I had to just do what I could in order to also maintain my own health. So I’m going to stay off nuts b/c I am pretty sure they cause problems, I will probably still eat fish b/c I don’t think that is an issue and I don’t eat it often anyway, and I will still eat wheat b/c it would be hard to cut that out. He said I could start giving solids and just introduce them like they recommend for all babies, one at a time and not give anything allergenic.

He also wants Matthew to see an allergist and get allergy tests so I’ll be making an appointment for that.

I was sooo relieved and impressed that he did not even bring up switching to formula! Didn’t even present it as an option!

A dietician came in to talk to me about my diet (and I have promptly lost the handout I got ) and she was going over the handout and saw on the list something about formula and was like “formula, well you aren’t doing this and breastmilk is the best thing for him” so I was very happy.

I also asked the doctor if eating the offending foods was going to hurt him or his intestines and he said no. So I hope I can figure it out but if for some reason I don’t, then at least I know I’m not hurting him. He just wants me to try to figure it out so we can get his eczema under control.

After talking with David about it, I’m going to trial drinking some soy milk over the next few days and see if Matthew gets any worse. I really didn’t want to, but after seeing that soy is in EVERYTHING (seriously) this way we can see if it is really a problem or not. And if it doesn’t seem to be I can just not stress about the small amounts of soy in everything and if it is then I will proceed to going nutso trying to find soy free alternatives.

I feel so grateful I get to keep breastfeeding my little boy. Now I just want to keep it up as long as I can (as long as he is interested) and I really want to go past a year. Though I have already started a mental list of things I’m going to eat when he weans…spicy cheese dip, a huge thing of ice cream, brownies… I hope he nurses for a long while yet but I definitely have something to look forward to when he stops.

Oh and I am also so grateful that we are looking at “just” allergies. It’s a pain and I hope he outgrows them for his sake, but there are so many worse things out there. We saw some really sick kids when we took Matthew in. I’m so grateful my baby is healthy.


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