Posted by: expectingamiracle | December 31, 2009

8 months old

I look at him all the time now thinking, “When did he get so BIG?!”  Actually, I also think it a lot when I heft him onto my hip and tote him up the stairs. 

He can finally sit unassisted but he’d prefer not to.  He’d rather be on the floor because he is SEMI-MOBILE!   No, he isn’t crawling, but he rolls and turns and scoots and manages to get into things.  We’ve done only a minimum of baby proofing, so we are in for it.  He gets up on all 4’s and rocks and is getting close to crawling.  The other day I saw him hop forward with both of his knees at the same time!  Talent!  But somehow, less than effective considering he hasn’t figured out that he needs to move his arms as well as his knees if he wants to get anywhere. 

A short lived phase that drove my husband crazy:  sticking his tongue out and to the left.  I thought it was hilarious but mostly only because it bugged David.

He babbles up a storm.  I’ve heard:  da, ba, buh, dee, ma, mmm, ssss, puh, gee, goo, guh, and probably a few others.  “Da da” is getting pretty frequent (and even a “Da Dee” one day, but I don’t hear much “ma” going on.  Of course I don’t think he has much clue what he is saying but it is still adorable.

Okay, time to hit publish since I’ve had this sitting in my draft box for a few days.  The pictures are all from when he was 7 months old but hopefully soon I’ll find time to put up his pictures from Christmas!



  1. Don’t forget to attach dressers, bookcases, TVs, etc to the walls. I am so paranoid about this. I need to buy all of my babyproofing stuff so I can do the same. I actually feel pretty overly paranoid most of the time and it is getting worrrrrsssseeeee aghghgh, lol

    Matthew is a CUTIE! I love the sideways tongue.

  2. yeah we really need to go buy some more things and get on it. Furniture straps are a must, I just wanted to read reviews on which brand to buy and then I never did and then Christmas and now I’m sick and yadda yadda yadda. David is soooo paranoid, he doesn’t want to let Matthew scoot/try to crawl on the tile next to the carpeted room because he might bonk his head on the tile. I’m scared for when he starts to walk, I think David will put a helmet and pads on him, lol. He has started to bonk his head on things though, we had to put cushy things on the low window sills in the room he hangs out in. Sometimes he gets small scratches on him and I have NO idea where they came from.

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