Posted by: expectingamiracle | October 12, 2009


-I went to CVS today in my pajamas, but it doesn’t matter since I went through the drivethru, right?  Matthew, however, was dressed.  But only because he peed on his sleeper when I changed his diaper.

-I met actual real life attachment parenting moms today.  A mom who had babylegs on her daugher and a cloth diaper.  A toddler wearing an amber teething necklace.  A mom who did a homebirth.  Pretty neat.

-I am really liking my Beco baby carrier.  I wore Matthew in it to his first football game.  It was nice to wear him, because then I had one hand for my umbrella and the other hand to hold onto the railing as I climbed up the bleachers.  The game was miserable weather wise and we did not stay long.  My hometown stadium is not so nice and I basically had to slog through several inches of standing water and/or mud to get anywhere.  Yuck.

-Matthew had his second trip to my mom’s house and it went pretty well.  I enjoyed being there but was glad to get back home.

-It was so incredibly adorable to see Matthew go from whining and fussing to smiling and babbling when he heard his daddy on the phone.  I know David was missing him, he bought a toy for him while we were gone.

-I really like my mother-in-law’s homemade cinnamon buns.

-My baby + a hoodie = cutest thing ever.  Pictures to prove this will come later.



  1. thanks for the highlights! 😀

  2. I’d like to see pics of Mr Matthew in his becco too! You take requests, right? How about a family pic? While I’m asking, can I have some money too?

    I am meeting some moms this afternoon too. Not sure if they are AP or not. Not sure how AP I am anyways.

    CD + babylegs sounds cute! Do you have any baby legs?

    I think going through a drivethru in pajamas is infinitely better then going to the grocery store with your hair stuck up like Don King and reeking of spit-up. Yeah.

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