Posted by: expectingamiracle | September 1, 2009

4 Months

Matthew’s 4 month visit was last Tuesday.  He weighed 15 lb, 10 oz , which is the 60-75% and was 25 and 3/4 inches long, which is the 75%.  After he got weighed he promptly peed all over the scale.  Nice.  I felt bad for the nurse who had to clean it up but later she said she had a 10 month old boy so I figure she is used to little boys spraying at least.  When I related the story to David his first question was “So did he weigh less after he peed?”  Dude, I don’t know!  I was too busy carrying my naked urine covered child back to the examining room! 

So the other news is that we will probably wait until around 6 months to stop the Prevacid.  Sounds like a plan to me since he still spits up a lot so stopping it now would probably be a bad idea.  He has eczema for sure and I am kind of ticked because I thought breastfeeding was supposed to keep him from getting that?!  Also irritated that he totally inherited it from me.  Sigh.  Stupid sensitive skin genes.

My pedi wants ECI (early childhood intervention) to come out and make sure Matthew is okay as far as his development since he is not rolling, and wasn’t doing too great of a job in front of her as far as lifting his head on his tummy and supporting any weight on his feet.  I know he CAN do those things to some extent, but he was sleepy during the doctor visit because he was due for a nap (which I told her and she acted like she understood).  Anyway, she wasn’t super concerned but said she’d rather have him evaluated now while this is minor just in case it’s something where he falls too far behind.  So…I dunno one part of me thinks it’s overkill, the other part says it’s not going to hurt just to get him evaluated.  I guess some parents flip out if they are told their child is less than anything perfect and wonderfully advanced.  But you know, it’s not a big deal.  It has no bearing on intelligence whether he rolls at 3 months or 5 months. 

He is however, extremely vocal.  I’ve had numerous people comment on that.  I find it highly amusing to think that perhaps my husband and I have somehow produced a little extrovert?  You just never know. 

I marvel over him at any little thing he does.  If he wakes up when I put him down and drifts back to sleep on my own, I exclaim to my husband, “He’s such a GOOD BABY!  He just went back to sleep BY HIMSELF.  He’s SO GOOD.”  (Nevermind what I say when he is refusing to stay asleep when I put him down…)  Or yesterday I was blowing raspberries at him in the car and I could see him moving his lips and trying to sputter them.  “He’s SO SMART.  He is trying to imitate me!  He’s SO SMART!” 

Yep, I am one of those moms.  But in my defense, I usually only subject my husband and Matthew’s grandparents to these proclamations.  And of coure, they agree with me that he is stunningly brilliant.



  1. He is a brilliant baby 🙂

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