Posted by: expectingamiracle | August 3, 2009


In honor of breastfeeding awareness month, a list of things I do and don’t like about breastfeeding.  I thought about just listing what was good about it, but I want to “keep it real”.

Things I don’t ( or did not) like about breastfeeding:

-that phase where he would open his mouth wide for a split second and by the time I got my nipple in, he’d already clamped down and started sucking.  this meant a bad latch and starting over again.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.
-boobs feeling like they are going to explode when they are engorged and then of course if you give up on sleep to go pump, chances are the baby will wake 10 minutes later
-being the only one who can feed the baby when you are ridiculously tired
-sore nipples
-that phase where he kept throwing his hands up to his mouth and wouldn’t move them.  I felt like I needed about 4 hands, 2 to hold down his 2 hands, one to hold my boob and one to guide his head
-worrying about whether he will take a bottle if I leave and go somewhere without him
-worrying about how he’ll go to sleep when I am away because nursing him is the only way to make him fall asleep
-not having any way to know how many ounces he was getting
-did I mention being tired and just wanting someone else to feed the baby?

Things I like about breastfeeding

-that newborn phase where he would make these tiny mouse squeeky sounds just before he nursed
-the phase where he would shake his head back and forth going “ah ah ah” before he got the boob, he looked like a little toothless piranha!
-knowing that “breast is best” and he’s getting all the right nutrients, antibodies and all that good stuff
-how supportive my husband is and how we can laugh together as he asks our son if he “wants some booby”  (yes we need to change our terminology before Matthew gets older and starts repeating things!)
-the way his hand grabs onto my bra or rests on my breast
-the way he pulls back from my nipple and grins up at me
-the times he has started grinning and licking my nipple – hilarious!
-the contented little sigh he gives
-how he can be screaming and so upset and nursing will calm him down
-the way he falls asleep at my breast while I hold him
-the  fact that only I can feed him.  Note that this was also one of the things I didn’t like.  And yet I love it as well. 

It’s funny but I was telling my mom that I will be kind of sad when he starts solids.  When I was pregnant with him, my body was sustaining him and giving him  life.  And with breastfeeding, I still am.  I am still giving him everything that he needs and it is a wonderful feeling.  Solids, and later, weaning, will be a step towards indepedence from me.  And I am grateful we aren’t there yet. 

For anyone out there on the fence about breastfeeding, give it a try.  It is VERY hard at first (or at least it was for me) but it gets easier.  It gets more rewarding and feels more and more like a special bond you have with your child (and less like you feeling like a milk cow.  ;o)

Breastfeeding.  I never really thought I would feel this way about it.  I did it because I knew it was best for the baby.  I never realized that there would be something in it for me.  But there is.  And it is beautiful.



  1. I concur with all of the above! And i love that pic. Jack started grabbing my shirt/bra like that sometime last week. For us breastfeeding was also hard at first, but has become a lot easier lately. It makes me miss that it will end too *sigh*

    You know, Dustin does a HILARIOUS impression of Jack eating, even if it is a little dated. I should post a video of it. He imitates the crazy side to side head movements and frantic gulping and everything! lol

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