Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 30, 2009

Still feverish

That pesky fever won’t go away.  It comes down and just when I think we are done with it, I check again and it’s up.  It was up to 100.0 earlier this evening.

The pedi thinks it’s a tummy virus and said it may last 7-10 days, and to just keep watching to make sure his fever doesn’t get too high.  She also said the reflux could be temporarily worsening due to the virus.  So hopefully we are not back to square one on that.  He’s also had some gas recently.  Poor baby.  I can tell he doesn’t feel quite right.  He is having trouble with sleeping and he doesn’t want to be laid down while he is awake.  He’s either got to be held or up in his bouncer.  We tried the Bumbo today and he doesn’t quite have enough head control for it.  I think he will enjoy sitting up in it once he does.

I am kicking myself for going out everywhere with him last week and not using hand sanitizer.  But I guess his little immune system is going to get hit sooner or later.  Hopefully by the time the weekend is over, he’ll be back to normal. 

AND…he got weighed at the doctor’s (with clothes and cloth diaper on) and he was 14 lb, 7 oz.  Chunky boy!

Oh and more additional tidbits because I will likely refer back to this post someday and try to remember…  His poop still has mucus but no blood in it this time, so that was good.  She looked at the rash he’s had recently and it was declared to be eczema.  Well that sucks.  I was hoping he wouldn’t inherit that from me.



  1. have you tried putting some magic mom’s booby milk on the rash…I hear it works wonders for a skin healer also! Sorry he has a little virus 😦

  2. Sorry he still has a fever.

    D has Eczema during the winter, and I use Aquaphor on it after his baths in the winter with great results. (He had it even in the summer when he was little and that worked well.) Just a thought. 🙂

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