Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 28, 2009


It’s been a busy last few days.  My mom and grandma came for a visit.  Saturday was the first time I’ve been out alone with my husband since Matthew was born (we went to Olive Garden).  Hooray for babysitting grandmothers and a baby who decided he will accept a bottle again. 

Sunday Matthew got cranky and I felt something was off, checked his temp and it was 99.9.  It went up and down throughout the day, never going up to 100 though. 

Monday morning he was totally back to normal and his temperature was fine, so I went with my mom to go do his 3 month baby pictures at J.C. Penney.  It went okay, he just didn’t want to smile like he does at home, he preferred to just chill out and stare at us or “talk” to us.  Still, we got some pretty good pictures and now I am kicking myself for not ordering more at the lower price, since re-orders cost more.

Last night was great, he beat his personal record and slept 9 hours and 20 minutes!  Wow!  Woke up, got his Prevacid, played with his Nana, ate, pooped, went back to sleep and slept almost 3 hours.  Then I had an old co-worker come by and Matthew really turned on the charm.  He went down for another nap but then woke up and started getting really fussy and screaming.  Took his temp…99.5.  Crap.  His doctor says it’s fine to just watch and keep taking his temp to make sure it doesn’t go higher, but it bugs me that his fever went away and now it’s back.  So he’s got an appointment tomorrow at 9:00. 

People really weren’t kidding when they said the worry only starts when you are pregnant.  It’s amazing how  a little fever starts making me fear the worst.  Logically, I know he’s probably fine and will be back to normal soon.  It just can’t come soon enough, I hate when I can’t make it all better for him.


  1. 9hrs 20!!!!!!! WTG Matthew!!!!!!!! Did you sleep though??

  2. I know its scary when baby’s get temps, but I would like to point out that his little body is doing a great job of fighting what ever little (virus probably) thing he has! Its a good sign that he can keep his temp down (he will get a temp because he has something but its a low low one)–it can mean a strong immune system! (go mom’s milk!). Hope it goes away soon. Hugs for your little man.

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