Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 21, 2009

Late night feeding, unveiled

Well, I enjoyed about a week of him sleeping 7-9 hours in a stretch and now we’re back to waking after 5 hours and needing that middle of the night feeding.  Darn.
So he wakes up and is thrashing around and crying a little.  I get up and go to the bathroom and get a drink of water, because sometimes he’ll settle back down on his own during those few minutes (this is what he’d do when he was sleeping all night).  No such luck, the crying is intensifying, instead of toning down.  I pick him up and take him to the glider and get situated with the boppy.  He is definitely hungry, desperately trying to get to my boob through my shirt.
I feed him, taking him off to burp after 10 minutes or so and he screams.  Child abuse, I tell you.  How DARE I take his milk away!  So he eats and eats and then seems like he is getting sleepy.  Yay!  I try to unlatch him.  No dice, he instantly roots around for the nipple.  At some point, the sleepyness goes away and he catches a second wind.  Oh you cute boy, yes, your smiles are so sweet, but it is 5:00 a.m.!  More eating, more burping and oh yes, more spit up.  I call it good if neither of us have to change clothes.  I also call it good if the whole process takes an hour or less.

I rock him in the dark and he starts to drift off again.  I sing him a lullaby (an amended version of “Rock a bye baby” and consider all the parenting books that warn against using props to get baby to sleep.  Damn, I am like the queen of props!  I rock, nurse, sing.  Screw all that baby whispering and 5 S’s.  No, my boy will not go to sleep from back patting and shushing and swaddling and what have you.  He wants his booby. 

It’s a short phase in the long run though.  I know this.  So I decide that maybe I need to have a self imposed ban against sleep books and googling anything about baby’s sleep habits.  Just keep doing what I’m doing.  Someday he won’t nurse to sleep.  Someday I won’t look down and see him lying so peacefully in my arms.  His eyes are closed, he smiles with my nipple still in his mouth.  Almost there.  A few more sucks and that wonderful contented sigh.  Time to do the limp noodle arm test.  No resistance.

And so it goes, me easing up from the glider and trying to oh so gently lay him down in his bassinet, down onto his tummy.  It’s harder than it seems.  If I’m exhausted, I send up a silent prayer, “Lord, please let him stay asleep.”  Sometimes he jolts awake, begans to thrash, and fuss and spit up and the whole process has to start over again.  Occassionally he’ll wake up and settle back to sleep on his own.  And the best times, of course, are when he is totally, blissfully, still asleep.

Good night sweetheart.

(Note the absence of a recent cute sleeping baby in the bassinet picture, which would complete this post.  I am not crazy enough to bust out the camera and risk waking him up.)


  1. You and google! —I feel like you may need another Google intervention! LOL

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