Posted by: expectingamiracle | June 13, 2009

Lest we forget

I was looking at my pictures thinking “You know, I am going to look back someday and think he was always happy”. 

So…..photographic evidence that life is not always easy.

A crying baby…





Doesn’t he look nice and pissed off?  I had some guilt taking these photos, about the extra minute it took before I picked him up.  But, now someday I will look back and say “oh yeah, he did cry.”  I think I need some video as well, as the photos do not do the decibel level justice.

The other day when he was crying for food, David and I had an epipheny and realized how the phrase “titty baby” came about.  Matthew may have been (lovingly) referred to as a titty baby.

Up next, the project from hell.  Our front room was intended to be a dining room but we  use it as a study.  The light fixture was a hanging down chandelier type fixture that was intended to be above a table.  It hung down so low we bashed our heads on it constantly.  So we bought a light fixture/ceiling fan to put up.  For many reasons I won’t bore you with, it took many trips to Home Depot and weeks before it finally got done.

Our front room looked trashed….  Actually, sadly it still looks somewhat trashed.  But at least there is no ladder in there now.


And finally, the spit up.  Ah, yes.  It is copius, ever present and, at times, chunky.  It has gotten on him, his clothes, my clothes, David’s clothes, blankets, my hair, the carseat, the floor…
Somehow it seems to have permenently discolored a couple of David’s work shirts, which baffles me, as I everything I read online says that breastmilk spit up does not stain.  At least not dark colored clothing.

In this photo, he  seems to find it amusing.  I’ll take that any day over ticked off.




  1. I love the pissed off cry pictures….I’m not sure why but they just look more REAL LOL.

  2. I have a video of my nephew wailing when he’s a couple of weeks old. Definite blackmail material!

    The last picture is adorable!

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