Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 23, 2009

A month old, already

Note to self:  getting a horrible cold when you have an infant…very, very bad idea.  Thankfully after a week of that, I am on the mend.  I have gathered that my immune system does not take kindly to sleeping in one or two hour increments.

We  had our first non-doctor’s appointment outing this past week.  A trip to Babies R Us, the library, and Sonic.  It only took 4 hours.  We made good use of the nursing room at BRU, and then mommy realized she had done a bad, bad thing and only packed one diaper in the diaper bag (I thought there were two).  I had already changed him once, and I knew I was in trouble when I heard that telltale squirt as he nursed.  Luckily, Grandma (my MIL) was there to the rescue.  After all, we were in BRU (convenient!) so she ran out and bought a package of diapers.

We are dealing with possible reflux and a lot of spitting up.  I am watching it and crossing my fingers that it gets better without needing medication for him, but if we have too many days where he seems in pain, then I see no choice.  It breaks my heart for him to cry and not be able to help.  I’ve cut dairy out of my diet just in case it’s a dairy sensitivity. 

Oh Matthew, I love you more than cheese. 



  1. Absolutely adorable video. I especially love the end when his forehead crinkles up when you touch it. So cute!!

    We forgot D’s diaper bag altogether a couple of times, but I think it was when he was a little older. The BRUs around here supply diapers (just infant ones) in the Mother’s room. That would have been nice for you!

    D was on Zantac for a few months. Though it’s not ideal, it did make him feel a lot better. Hopefully you won’t have to use it though!

  2. I love you more than cheese! LMAO!!!!!!

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