Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 8, 2009


Being a mom is nothing short of amazing.    But perhaps what is just as amazing? 

Watching him become a father.


I used to be jealous of the couples who went through ttc troubles “together” while my husband seemed so neutral on having a baby.  He could take it or leave it.

Then I got pregnant again and the baby stuck.  I got bigger and David was happy and excited.  I knew he would love his son.

I just had no idea how much.


He loves him to bits.  He dotes on him. 

I have received what I never even dared to ask for.




  1. YAY! for getting exactly what you wanted! They are adorable. He looks soooo tiny with his daddy.

  2. And you deserve it, both of you. What a gorgeous family.

  3. How very precious! What a gift from God!


  4. Congratulations! He is absolutely precious. I know you must be so happy!

  5. good job daddy!

  6. This is great! Beautiful pictures. I hope my husband turns out like yours. Congratulations on your lovely family 🙂

  7. You captured this exactly.

    Seeing our husbands as fathers is just stunning and wonderful.

  8. Congratulations on the birth of your son!

    You all look very happy.

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