Posted by: expectingamiracle | April 11, 2009

I *heart* my belly

I’ve been having just a bit of clear to yellow mucus show up each time I go to the bathroom.  I know my OB said that can happen from getting checked.  I wonder if anything is happening in there?  I kind of don’t think so.  I have never even felt a Braxton Hicks contraction, that I am aware of.

I am feeling the need to wash everything under the sun.  My poor washing machine.  There’s just so much STUFF for babies and I want it all clean and ready to go.  Right now I’m working on getting my cloth diapers washed up.

I certainly don’t feel “done” yet.  My back hurts and my feet hurt (and my knees too when I bend), but overall I love being pregnant.  Sometimes I’ll sigh and think of how nice it will be when I am 30 pounds (or so) lighter again.  But then I think I am going to miss this big pregnant belly.  I will miss feeling my little guy moving around in there.  You can take pictures or even video but there is just no way to ever go back and remember exactly what that feels like, except in memories.  I guess that is why some women start craving another pregnancy even when their little one is still a baby.  I do hope that I am lucky and blessed enough to have another one someday. 

I feel like I need to soak up these last few weeks.  I’m busy (or it feels like it!) but I need to write another letter to my baby (the last was in the first trimester…oops!) and I really would like some video of my belly moving.  It happens  randomly though, so I haven’t been able to capture it.  It’s so crazy the way my whole belly will shift over to one side or the other.  And that little foot? pokes out on my left side all the time.

Yup, I am loving the belly.  My belly pic from last week (36 weeks)



  1. I’m glad your enjoying your pregnancy!!! I know I am…and hopefully we will both treasure this till the last moment! 🙂
    You look beautiful!

  2. I am still another trimester to go 🙂 … But I can also feel my little wonder move inside me and the kicks, as you said, are strong enough compared to the miniature inside. It is really a lifetime and unique experience being . I agree a woman can only recollect the moment later.

  3. Um – 30 pounds??? Seriously – you look fabulous!

    What a wonderful outlook you have for these last few weeks. Enjoy – just sit and feel your babe!

  4. Oh yes, I loved being pregnant and I missed the movement so much when it was gone! Cherish it!! (Of course, when they come out they move too, but they’re MUCH louder!) 🙂

  5. OMG, you are too freakin cute! Relax and get pleanty fo rest these next four weeks.

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