Posted by: expectingamiracle | April 9, 2009

35 and 36 Week Appointments

Last Thursday: 

Weight gain: 0 lb for a total gain of 29 lb
BP:  fine
NST:  Baby was asleep.  I thought eating a banana a little before my appointment would be enough, but apparently not.  I was on the monitor for around 45 minutes and we ended up having to shake my belly to get him to wake up and get his heart rate up enough so I could leave.

Today’s appointment:

Weight gain:  2 lb for a total gain of 31 lb.
BP:  106/70 I think
NST:  I drank orange juice right before and a bit during my NST and baby was bouncing all over the place!  I didn’t have to stay on the monitor very long this time so that was good.  Oh and again, no contractions going on.
Cervix check:  A fingertip dilated with the cervix still fairly thick.  She could feel his head down where it needs to be.
Group B strep culture:  Came back negative.  Yeah!  No antibiotics for  me!

Getting checked was a little painful but not too bad.  I didn’t think it would be too horrible for me since I typically don’t mind pap smears and my OB has small hands. 

I really need to write my birth plan, I’ve just been slacking on that.  I’ve started taking EPO and drinking raspberry leaf tea.  I think it will still be a couple more weeks before much starts happening.  I scheduled acupuncture at 39 weeks and 40 weeks, so hopefully those visits will get labor jump started if nothing is happening by then.


  1. Sounds like your doing well! I hope baby sleeps well for you when they get out! (my mom said I was a calm baby both in and outside of her).
    Keep on baking baby–only a couple more weeks to go!

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