Posted by: expectingamiracle | April 5, 2009

Silly Husband

Conversation from tonight:

Me:  “…and her husband told her he was DONE going out and getting whatever she was craving.”
David:  “You really haven’t had many cravings.  Except for ice cream and I told you no.”
Me:  “You told me no?”
David:  “Yeah.”
Me:  “Um…have you seen our freezer?  We have that big carton of Neopolitan, smaller ones of chocolate chip cookie dough, the sherbert….”
David:  “Oh.”

He did in fact tell me a couple times that I couldn’t just sit on the couch and eat ice cream (admittedly, an hour or so before dinner).  At which point I saved my ice cream binges until after dinner.  Hey, it has calcium.  It’s good for me.


  1. I have sent men I don’t know out to get me Sour Patch kids and pack them in their luggage from the USA to bring them to me in the Philippines! I would say I’m in the Cravings group! LOL

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