Posted by: expectingamiracle | March 26, 2009

34 Week Appointment

Well, 34w 5d but we’ll call it 34.

Weight gain:  5 lb in one week for total gain of 29 lb.  WTH?!   How on earth did I gain that much?!  Dr said maybe it’s some swelling.
BP:  100/60
Ultrasound:  Baby looks good!  About 5 lb so far, so my Dr. thinks he’ll probably be a 7 lb baby, which would be good.  Plenty of fluid present.  He was still head down (yay!) and posterior but I think he has plenty of time to turn anterior.  My dr also thinks he has David’s nose, which is what I thought during my last ultrasound.

She did a culture and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I don’t have Group B strep.

I also got some answers as to why I will be doing the NSTs each week starting at my next visit.  She says she does them for all her thyroid, diabetes, etc, patients.  So…the fact that my TSH level was off back in the first trimester is apparently coming back to bite me in the butt.  It really doesn’t bother me to do the NSTs though, as I’m sure baby will be fine.

BUT, then she said for her thyroid/diabetes patients, she doesn’t like to let them go past 39 weeks.  Okay so at this point warning bells are going off in my head.  I told her that I thought my thyroid had only been off on one set of lab values back in the first trimester and fine ever since.  And also that the Dr who did my 30 week ultrasound had said that sometimes HCG could affect the TSH levels.  I also mentioned that all 3 of my mom’s babies had been late.  I myself was a week late and was fine, I just wasn’t ready to come out yet!  David chimed in that we really wanted to have a natural birth and that we’d rather not induce.  Thankfully my Dr did look at my chart and agreed with me about the TSH only being off in the first trimester, which was why I didn’t need any aggressive treatment.  She then said to let’s see how it goes and if I reach my due date at 40 weeks, then we will just start to talk about when/if I’ll be induced.  And she reiterated “Just talk.  I respect what you’re trying to do by having a natural birth and I don’t force my patients to do anything.”  Whew!  I wonder if maybe my notes just had me labeled as a thyroid patient and that she didn’t remember that I wasn’t *really* a thyroid patient?

So I’m actually sort of hoping now that I will go into labor *before* my due date so that I don’t even have to worry about this induction business.  I’ve just got to kick it into high gear and get some things done because HOLY CRAP I AM ALREADY ALMOST 35 WEEKS!  Seriously where did the time go?

I’ve also got to post about my hometown visit and baby shower but that will have to be a later post…



  1. Yeah when one test is off your chart probably got tagged with Thyroid issue. That makes sense then. So since she now knows your not a REAL thyroid patient is she still going to do the NST?

    Your BP is GREAT! And 29lbs at 35 weeks is perfect! Sounds like your doing wonderful!!!!! OH I’m getting all excited for you!!!!

  2. oh are you going to do any EPO or red raspberry leave tea now that your 34 weeks? (it doesn’t cause you to GO into labor–it just makes your cervix softer and more ready for your easy birthing day)

  3. Sounds like a GREAT appointment! 29 lbs at 35 weeks is WONDERFUL and you BP is good!!

  4. Sounds like everything makes sense. I’m glad you brought it up to make the doctor look at your chart again. Sometimes I feel like they go somewhat by memory which is kind of scary with so many patients!

    I have to tell you that I really, really didn’t want to be induced (not so much because of intervention, but because I had heard that it hurts more that way) and I ended up having a very positive induction experience. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that things go the way you want them to, but try not to worry yourself too much by thinking of the what-ifs. 🙂

  5. Awww Shan, you look so great and such a proud preggy girl *wub*

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