Posted by: expectingamiracle | March 20, 2009

33 Week Appointment

Weight gain:  1 pound in the past two weeks for a total gain of 24 lb.
BP:  104/84 (I think)
My uterus is measuring 31 weeks but Dr. is unconcerned since baby looked to be a good size at my 30 week appointment.  I really don’t know how much further up my uterus can go…it’s already about up to my boobs.
I’m going in every week now, which surprised me, since I didn’t think that happened until 36 weeks.  Anyway, I’ve got a vaginal culture up next week (fun!), an ultrasound and I think from now on, NSTs.

I got to ask her some of my questions and now I need to write my birth plan.

IVs, she said I must have one and after talking about how I’d like to be mobile and I’m fine with a HepLock, she said I can get the HepLock to start with  and then “see how it goes” as far as when to start the IV.  I’m happy on this count.

Fetal monitoring, she said she wants continuous fetal monitoring.  I asked about laboring in the jacuzzi and she said I could but that I just couldn’t stay in for very long at a time.  Disappointed on this one (also the fetal monitors are not wireless) since it may restrict my options.  But hopefully I can still walk around, use the birthing ball and the glider.  I was suprised she didn’t give a little more on this since the L&D nurse at the tour told me one of my doctor’s partner’s patients labored in the jacuzzi until about 8 cm (and then asked for an epidural).   I’ll leave this out of my birth plan and just hope for the best.

Pushing, she said that I could push when I felt I needed to and that she would just be there for guidance  as long as the baby was not in distress and needing to get out ASAP.  I’m happy on this one.

She said absolutely baby can be placed on my chest for breastfeeding and bonding right after birth.  Also we can request that any infant procedures can be done in our room, rather than in the nursery.  Very happy on this one.

Circumsion is done with a Gomco clamp and she uses a topical cream to numb the penis.  I’m good with this, my main thing was that I did want to be sure there was some sort of anesthetic.

She said to call when contractions are 5 minutes apart for an hour.  I’m wondering how this correlates (or if it does) with about what dilation of the cervix?  I just don’t want to get to the hospital too early and be told I’m only 3 or4 cm dilated.

I still have yet to tell her that I have a doula and that I’ll be using self hypnosis for the birth.  I do need to at least mention my doula, although really, I don’t even expect my doctor to be at the birth until the pushing, so it won’t affect her very much.

Probably no one else will know what I’m talking about (except maybe Angela ), but Hypnobabies is going okay, it is very relaxing.  I still need to get started doing some of the prompts with David.  What’s funny is that now I actually am aware of all the negative things in the media about childbirth.  We were watching Lost the other day on TV and one of the characters was saying a woman had a breech baby and needed a C-section.  So I look at David…”only POSITIVE messages about childbirth will enter my mind….”  Haha.  And then on another program the comment was made “And he built this as a memorial to his wife that died in childbirth”  I just look at David…”BUBBLE OF PEACE!” 

I’ve been pretty grouchy the past couple of days, especially with David.  And when I get grouchy, he gets grouchy right back at me.  Today I told him I had the right, as a pregnant woman, and that he did not.    We’re both peachy now though.  My baby shower in my hometown is this weekend, so I’m looking forward to that.


  1. Ok this is what I would ask any friend, not trying to worry you AT ALL, so get into your BOP and then read……May I ask why you doctor wants to start NST at 34 weeks? (this is normally not done, where i’m from, until baby is late or has signs of possible issue). Also why another u/s? (again not normal where I’m from till baby is late-then its looking at fluid level and placenta health). I always kind of laugh when doctors say you have to have the IV access just in case (I think they think that all women just have that because by the time they answer their page and get to the room the nurse already put one in! LOL It take a minute!). Also the continuous monitoring—your low risk and she wants it on all the time?!–I have never heard of that (nor do I think the nurses would really do it hehehehe). I’m used to 20 min per hour for low risk moms. I’m just bringing these points up because she doesn’t sound to NCB friendly..and actually sound a little on the over intervention side. I will be interested in what she says when she finds out your doing HNB and having a doula. And I couldn’t agree with you more on the media and childbirth–I can’t even watch a baby story anymore…it should be called “intervention Highway” by the makers of companies who profit from them. I have NEVER seen one without interventions yet! What week did you start your HNB? I haven’t decided yet when to. I’m glad to hear your using it. It makes me even MORE excited to read your birth story!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Angela that I’d ask those questions with regard to the NTS and ultrasound (but it sounds like it could just be because the uterus is measuring small, which definitely could be because you’re small.) Don’t worry too much about it, but do ask.

    With regard to the contractions, I don’t think there’s any correlation between “how many minutes apart” and “centimeters dilated.” It just has to do with how active your labor is and thus how quickly you could potentially progress.

  3. Hope you and baby will be fine 😀

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