Posted by: expectingamiracle | March 13, 2009

Hospital tour

We went on our hospital tour last weekend.  To summarize:

-They bring a pink or blue birthday cake after your baby is born.
-They have a massage therapist and a harpist! that come around to the rooms and ask if you would like a massage or the harpist to play for you.  Free of charge. 
-There is a jacuzzi tub to labor in.  I asked if that would be possible even with an IV and they said yes, they could wrap my arm in plastic and I could hang out in the tub.
-Things like when I need the IV and whether I can do intermittent monitoring are up to my doctor.  I need to ask her my questions and see what she will go for, then write my birth plan and have her sign off on it.  Then the L&D nurses will follow that.
-No eating or drinking while in labor.  Boooo!  I’m going to be a bad patient and sneak some things for if I feel I really need them.
-Someone asked what they do if all the rooms are full.  The nurse’s response was, “Pray”.  Umm…  

All in all, a good visit.  My husband still thinks it will be best for me to labor at home for awhile before we head to the hospital.  And especially since I’ll have my doula to help me, I agree.  In theory.  My only concern is that I’ll start to worry about the baby being okay, since at home, I’ll have no way to monitor his heartbeat, etc.  So it will be a fine line between not wanting the interventions at the hospital (no eating, drinking, less mobility due to IV, fetal monitoring) but also wanting the assurance that the hospital will give me that my baby is doing okay.



  1. seriously…about sneaking food into the room. if you do, don’t take eat it when you are in labor.

    from personal experience, I was always nauseous when labor got really intense (for all 3 of my children). so just listen to that advice and take your ice chips like a good little patient. 😀 You can save the snacks for after your bundle of joy is in your arms.

  2. I second the food thing. And I would advise trying to eat light if you feel like labor might be coming on. Trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want as LITTLE in your colon as possible when you’re pushing. I was only slightly into my labor when I felt the need to… you know… and the nurse said that I could go to the bathroom, but “don’t push too hard.” Ummm… Okay.

  3. People poop and throw up with or without food! LOL The body will make some type of liquid to come out. I would sneak food also… but I wouldn’t lie about it-if they ask. Oh and the staying at home worry….. without drugs and while in early labor I have never had/seen a patient whos baby lost a heartbeat or it decelerated that was a low or even moderate risk mom. Usually those issues (IF your going to get them) happen late in labor—like about 8 cm (or earlier if you have pitocin). BUT your not going to have those issues, your going to have a beautiful birthing time. Now get into your bubble of peace! 😀

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