Posted by: expectingamiracle | February 25, 2009

Baby updates

Baby related highlights of the past month or so:

  • I have decided to go full speed ahead with plans for an unmedicated childbirth.  I hung back for awhile, I think because part of me still had distrust in my body.  The whole miscarriage, then not getting pregnant thing did not exactly instill a lot of confidence in my body.  Some of that has been helped by the fact that really, everything has gone remarkably smoothly with this pregnancy.  So, onward!
  • We have a doula.  She is still training but has attended other births.  We both like her a lot.  I think that not only will she help me, she’ll also help David to help me.  I get the feeling his general feeling is “I don’t know nothin about birthin no babies!”  (Or helping one’s wife to birth a baby.) 
  • I am studying Hypnobabies.  It’s a self hypnosis study where I am learning how to create my own anesthesia.  Sort of a mind over matter type thing.  So far it’s going okay, although I keep falling asleep during it.
  • A couple weeks ago at my appointment, I had gained another 3 lbs for a total weight gain of 18 lbs.  Baby boy did NOT like the doppler, he was squirming all over the place to get away.  David said as soon as the doppler even touched me, my whole belly shifted.
  • It provides endless amusement to me to watch my belly shift around.  It’s just so cool to suddenly see a body part blobbing out on one side or the other. 
  • I am starting to slow down a little.  I’m more tired and my back hurts sometimes.  Overall though, I’m doing well.
  • We had another ultrasound today to check on baby’s growth.  He looks great and measured 3 days ahead this time.  He’s estimated to weigh 3 lb, 8 oz.  He wasn’t shy and we confirmed he is still a boy!  He is head down and did not want to budge so the tech could get a better view.  Fine with me, he can just stay head down for the next 10 weeks and I’m cool with that!  We got to see him smacking his little lips.  And although we don’t have a good picture of it, I think it’s very possible that he has Dh’s nose (and maybe lips)!  I’m excited to know what he will look like and I  can’t belive time is passing by so quickly.  He’ll be here before we know it!


  1. All good news! I’m so glad you made decisions you feel good about.


  2. Great news! I really do think doulas are more helpful in dealing with those around the momma and keeping them focused.

  3. Sounds like you’re ready! If it helps, I did have an epidural, but I had it at 8cm, and when I look back I think to myself that I probably could have made it through without the drugs. (That’s not to say that I won’t have an epidural again the next time! 🙂
    The ultrasounds and the movement of your belly are such fun things about pregnancy!

  4. WOOHOOO for hypnobabies!!!!! I fall asleep all the time also–I do seem to wake up right at the end or right when it finishes though (I was told that your not really sleeping but just kind of under when this happens). I was on the phone with my mom the other day and she said something that is in the Pregnancy Affirmations track and I got so tired! It was kind of funny. I just started my search for a doula—avg price in Chicago-$900! Ouch–but we are still getting one (hoping our kiss ass insurance will cover it–some do). You can do unmediated I have complete faith in you!

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