Posted by: expectingamiracle | December 21, 2008

For Posterity

Baby’s heart rate was 141.   He was estimated to weigh 14 ounces.  Almost a pound!  I was 20 weeks 4 days and measured 20 weeks 2 days.

I waited an hour and a half after my appointment time.  They had some sort of problem and I was going nuts waiting.  Mostly I was just worried that my sugar rush would wear off and baby would go to sleep and not move around and let us see how he was doing.  I had orange juice in a bottle in my purse and kept sipping a tiny bit more each 15 minutes to try and keep him sugared up.  I went to the restroom right before the ultrasound, chugged my last bit of orange juice and asked him to do his thing and move around for us so we could see the gender.  And it worked, because he moved around quite nicely!  Not only did we see his boy bits, it didn’t seem like the tech had much trouble getting all the shots that she needed.

I think he’s going to be a sweetie.  He’s very cooperative.  He kicked for my husband for the first time the night he was asked to.  He also kicked me on my birthday about 5 minutes after I asked him to kick me and tell mommy happy birthday.

I think he must not be on my bladder quite as much anymore the past couple days.   Very good!  I finally realized why it hurt a little bit though, when he was kicking a few days ago…I’m pretty sure he was kicking me in the cervix!  Ouchy.

I bought blue booties to put in his tiny baby stocking.  It’s silly, but I keep picking them up and making them “walk” across my belly.  They’re just so cute and tiny.


  1. The “bootie walk” will be a wonderful memory to share with him when he gets old enough to understand. (hug)

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