Posted by: expectingamiracle | December 5, 2008

…and I’ll call you back

I’ve been going through somewhat of an ordeal trying to get my 20 week ultrasound scheduled.  And it is starting to drive me somewhat nuts. 

I wanted to get the orders from my Dr at my late October visit.  But they seemed to think doing it at the late November visit would be fine.  Okay.  I have always been a little concerned about getting in when I need to, since the clinic is only open on Wednesdays.  They also require you to be at least 20 weeks.  So the only date that works (before Christmas) is Dec. 17.  The next Wednesday is Dec. 24 and I’m sure they are closed then.  So if I don’t get the 17th I have to wait until the 31st.

So after my visit last Tuesday, they gave me a copy of the order and said they would fax the order to the clinic and the clinic would call me to schedule.  I called the clinic on Wednesday because I wanted to get it scheduled before the Thanksgiving holidays.  The receptionist said she didn’t have the fax yet, but she would call my doctor’s office and have them fax it.  I went ahead and called my doctor’s office and a nurse said she’d send the fax over, but it might be next week before the clinic called me back.

Monday was a freebie.  I called Tuesday and the receptionist at the clinic said that she had about 50 faxes to go through and that she’d call that afternoon or Wednesday to schedule me.  I waited.  No call.  Wednesday afternoon I call again and she said she never got the fax.  I commence pulling my hair out.  Again, she says she will call my doctor’s office and have them fax it, then call me back.  She took down my birthdate this time and cell phone number.  Now today (Thursday) I called my doctor’s office to ask them what the dealy is.  They said they were having some problems (and did not elaborate) but my nurse said she would call the clinic and schedule the appointment for me.  But then she called back and said the receptionist who does the scheduling had stepped out and was supposed to call her back.  And then she would call me back.  Does anyone think I got a call back today?


So now it’s only a week and a half  until my possible?? appointment and I will admit, it is driving me nuts.  Even with the Thanksgiving holiday, it should not take this much time and/or effort to schedule an ultrasound.  My saving grace is that they did tell there were still spots open on Dec. 17.   In all likelyhood because no one is able to schedule an appointment.  It’s no wonder they are only open one day a week. 

And now I am starting to get a little worried that they will make me have a full bladder when I do go in.  My bladder these days is…small.  There have been a couple days where I have literally felt like I was going to pee my pants.  Not so much fun.  I’d rather not spend my whole ultrasound thinking “gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee, please don’t let me pee on the table”.

I realize this whole post was long and boring and rather whiny to boot.  I know it will all come together and hopefully I’ll get my ultrasound when I need to.  I’m starting to get antsy to see the baby. 

I’ll write a less gripey post soon.  I just needed to vent about this scheduling comedy of errors.


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