Posted by: expectingamiracle | August 14, 2008


Why?  Because I am 4 dpo and having sharp pains in my right side.  It’s too early for implantation cramps.  Too late for ovulation cramps.  So as I mulled over that, I thought, what if it IS implantation cramps, but it’s from an embryo implanting in my tube, because it didn’t make it down to the uterus? 

Ack.  I’m not even pregnant yet and I’ve already got it pegged as ectopic.  I guess that tells you something about my level of optimism these days.

If anyone else has a guess as to what it could be, I’m willing to listen.  For the record, yes, I am pretty sure of when I ovulated, give or take a day.  I should have ovulated from my right side and as of a few days before ovulation, there were no cysts.  This is my first cycle on Clomid, although I normally ovulate on my own.


  1. Ok hun take a deep deep breath. Clomid made me EXTREMELY gassy after I ovulated. And I mean really bad. It’s very likely it’s neither implantation or ovulation cramps. it’s likely you have to have bowel movement or are gassy.


  2. When I took clomid, I ended up with ovarian cysts after ovulation. The did go away but I had the nagging cramp like pain for a couple of weeks. It felt sort of like menstraul camp but it didn’t go away. Annoying as anything. (for something so little, it sure made its presence known.)

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