Posted by: expectingamiracle | August 8, 2008

One lonley follicle

Status:  One lonely follicle at 16 mm on my right ovary.  A few small ones  The lefty has a 10 mm follicle that won’t do me any good and some other smaller ones.  My lining looks good.  I should ovulate in 2-4 days.

I’m a little disappointed because I guess I had expected the Clomid to give me two eggs.  Since I only have one, it begs the question, what is this really doing for me?  I was already ovulating on my own.  So unless it really is giving me better egg maturity/quality, nothing.  And I haven’t found anything that quantifies or explains how the egg quality is better on Clomid verus “on your own”.

Given this, is it really worth spending $500 a cycle to do Clomid?  It seems kind of pointless to me if it’s not really going to raise our chances.  Deer asked if it was possible to just do the Clomid with no monitoring.  With my RE, no way.  If I went back to my OB, yes.  But I do understand the purpose of having the monitoring so I don’t really think of that as an option.  We haven’t discussed it at length yet (I thought it best not to since I needed his “services” tonight), but I’m sure Deer’s solution will be to try on our own.  My solution would be…Clomid and IUI, I guess? 

I’d like to get my RE’s thoughts on what she really thinks about someone in my situation.  Not just the stats, but what she has actually seen and had experience with.  Not just the unexplained infertility, but also that I’ve gotten pregnant before.   I know that isn’t always a golden ticket to future pregnancies, but I would think it means *something*.

In some ways I can see the benefit in trying a few more cycles on our own.  Technically I don’t know if we’re considered “infertile” yet because it hasn’t been 1 year of trying since our loss.  It’s been 9 cycles, post miscarriage.  We could always do acupuncture/herbs for a couple cycles and see what happens.  But on the other hand, I don’t want to waste our time.  I also don’t want to waste our 3 cycles of theoretical increased fertility after the HSG.

I wish someone could tell me exactly what level of intervention (if any) is needed for me to get pregnant again.  I’m sure that’s the question on everyone’s mind who is going through this. 

How can I get pregnant:
1.  In the least amount of time
2.  For the least cost
3.  With as much of my sanity intact as possible

How sweet it would be to know the answer to that one.


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