Posted by: expectingamiracle | August 5, 2008

Because everyone loves having radioactive dye squirted into their uterus

I laid on that table with medical equipment all around me, wearing a flimsy hospital gown, surrounded by people that would all get a great view of my womanly bits and I thought for a split second, “What am I doing here and what have I gotten myself into?”  I just wanted to flee.  And put my pants back on.  Not necessarily in that order.  My RE, bless her, very kindly explained the procedure, which I already knew, but it was still comforting to have her go through what the steps would be so I knew exactly what to expect.

Once the whole thing was over, I thought, “That was it?”  Really, it wasn’t bad.  Either the extra strength tylenol did it’s job or I got lucky, but there was no pain, only nervousness and discomfort. 

The long and short of it is, my uterus and tubes are normal.  Free and clear.  My uterus is in fact tilted to the left, but my RE said that didn’t really mean anything and when asked, she said no, we didn’t need to be doing anything differently.  Okay, just checking, because if you wanted me to, you know, lay on my left side, or right side, or do a handstand, or snort some crack in order to get pregnant, I’m game.  Just sayin’.

Random observations from this little visit:

1.  What in the HECK was up with the magazine choices in the main admitting area of the hospital?!  I looked on the table and there were 4 different golf magazines.  Another table held…yet another golf magazine.  A woman got called back and I got excited because she had a magazine that looked like it was something other than golf.  But sadly, it must have been her own (maybe she had been there before) because she took it with her.  I caught the eye of the woman across from me several times (she didn’t have anything to read either) and I really felt like asking her, “Sooo.  You think whoever picks out the magazines likes golf?”

2.  One of the women there while I was having the HSG done must have been a student.  My RE was narrating what was doing while this other chick watched.  (Sounds dirty when I put it that way.)  It’s a little…weird…to have more than one person looking at your cervix.  I mean, I’m sure my cervix is cute and all, but she’s not a voyeur.

3.  I was kind of expecting a more high tech view.  I don’t know why.  I mean I could see the general shape of things on the screen that showed the x-ray view and I guess it got the job done.  I just thought it would be more detailed looking. 

4.  Is it just me or is it totally embarassing to get up from your HSG and know that you have left a little puddle of radioactive dye on the table where it has leaked out from your nether regions?  I suppose it can’t be helped, but ugh.  But, hopefully there will soon come a day when I lose much more dignity than that.

On the one hand, I hate to get my hopes up.  But on the other hand:  A. I have gotten pregnant on my own before.  B.  Every test run so far on me and my husband has turned out fine.  So maybe I need to start thinking of this in terms of “when” I get pregnant again.  There is no reason for me NOT to.  Even if it takes a little longer (maybe the last 9 cycles have been bad luck? somehow?  even though it only took 2 last time?) and even if it requires medical assistance, I should be able to get pregnant again. 

Now I have no basis for thinking that I can actually carry a pregnancy to term once I DO get pregnant (other than hoping last time was just chance, bad luck) but, one step at a time I guess.



  1. Was the HSG painful? Did it hurt? I heard that after an HSG, the pregnancy success rate increases.

  2. Oh I can explain the magazines at least—-women steal them! ALL THE TIME! Golf is there for the men if they come-but they don’t steal them.

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