Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 20, 2008

Waterpark, revisited

I went back to the waterpark, this time with my friend L and her 3 kids (ages 7, 9 and 10).  She wanted to do something fun with them before she started her new job, and even though they can all swim, it made her nervous to think of trying to keep an eye on all of them.  Enter me.  With two adult tickets still on hand.

So we all had a good time.  Since L and heights apparently do not mix, I was the one to take her daredevil kids on the 81 foot, drops almost straight down waterslide. 

I only got to boogie board once this time but I made it count and got up on my knees.  I love that wave machine.  I’d get one if I was a billionaire.

It struck me after I got home how different our trip was than the one I took with Deer.  It was still fun, but it was different fun.  We didn’t do things the way I would have and we didn’t stay as late, etc.  But that was because the purpose of the trip was totally different.  With Deer and I, it was about the two of us having fun.  With L, it was all about making sure her kids were safe and making sure they had a good time.  Which is as it should be. 

It was just different.  Grabbing onto their tubes to keep from getting separated, constantly watching to check where they all were, a small hand holding onto mine, telling them over and over to sit up in their tubes before we went into river rapids, the girls both wanting to ride with me and pouting when the other had “dibs”. 

But I’m ready for that life.  I’m ready to sacrifice all my own wants (and even needs) for the sake of my children.  I’m ready to give up any selfishness.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice in when that will happen.

Until then I guess I should enjoy sleeping in late.  And keep dreaming of the day when I can’t.


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