Posted by: expectingamiracle | July 13, 2008

My nipple and I thank you

Boob update:  The rash is mostly gone but the skin is still a bit pink.  I’m going to my follow up appointment with the dermatologist on Tuesday just to make sure he thinks it’s okay.  I’ve calmed down about it (although still a bit nervous) so a big THANK YOU to anyone who was praying for me about this.  I think it’s going to be fine.

Acupuncture update:  My 3rd session was okay but not as stress relieving as last time.  I think maybe she specifically stimulated certain points for stress last time.  Deer thinks I should go in and tell her that I am stressed every time so she’ll make me go into la la land every time I go.  Hah!  Also for some reason this time I could hear kids outside from a nearby building playing and shrieking and screaming.  So it was a little harder to “go to my happy place” and meditate with that outside noise.

TTC update:  I guess I have about 2 more weeks to wait and then it will be “go time”.  I have to do a baseline ultrasound on CD 1-3 (can only be done weekday afternoons), take Clomid on CD 3-7, have my HSG done between CD 6-12 (but on Mon or Wed), then another ultrasound on CD 12-13 to check my follies.  I will also take OPKs and they will tell me when to schedule sex and if I need to trigger.  If I wanted to IUI, they’d schedule that too.  Add to that all my acupuncture appointments (usually once a week) and this is going to be INSANE.  I’ve been freaking a little about how I’m going to coordinate this with work, but I’ve come to think I will probably just have to tell supervisors about my situation on a “need to know” basis and hope they cut me some slack. 

I was freaking out about it to my best work friend L, who just quit :o( , and she told me I’m not allowed to worry about it since it hasn’t happened.  She said to wait until it happens and then I can call her and freak out about it and she will freak out with me.  Ah, now that’s true friendship, right?

I’ll be keeping busy.  L is going to come over with her kids next week and hang out.  Then the weekend after that my 4 year old niece is going to stay with us a couple nights.  It’s so fun that now she is old enough to come do that.  I’m already coming up with fun aunt/uncle stuff we can do with her.  So far I’m thinking playground (there’s some great ones around here), maybe swimming, to Dollar Tree to pick out cheap toys/whatever she wants (my mom did this one when J was with her), baking cookies, eating ice cream, and maybe watching some cartoons and movies while Aunt Shannon naps on the couch because I hear that this child will wake me up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 a.m.  Of course you never know what she’ll end up thinking is fun.  Apparently the highlight of her trip to my mom and dad’s house was that she got to take a bath in  the morning! 

In other news, I’m thinking and going through some emotional TTC related junk.  Maybe I’ll get my thoughts collected and delve into that later.

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