Posted by: expectingamiracle | June 20, 2008

Irritated, to say the least

I just went on Myspace last night and saw a baby pic on my 17 year old cousin’s page. WTH?! I look and YUP, she had a baby about a month ago. Seriously, what the heck, she is 17 and has a baby?!  Ugh.

The situation with my SIL is getting to me also. I have absolutely lost any vestige of thinking that she will be able to care for her baby. My MIL told Deer that she isn’t going to her OB appointments.


She was in the hospital several months ago for 4 DAYS because of a kidney infection and yet she just ISN’T GOING to the doctor anymore?!

I seriously don’t understand.

1. She has no job so all she does is sit around. She has all the time in the world to go.
2. She is on Medicare so she doesn’t have to pay anything.
3. My inlaws are letting her use their minivan, so she has transportation.

She has everything she needs to go and yet she doesn’t. So how is she going to take care of an infant when things are actually TOUGH?! I just can’t believe how irresponsable she is.  I can’t get over how she does not deserve this, to have this little innocent baby depending on her when she’s so not ready in so many, many ways.

I would not wish a loss on anyone.   But it makes you wonder.  Why did I lose mine?  And she more than likely will be having hers? 

It’s mind boggling.


  1. This makes me so sad. It’s not fair at all

  2. It really isn’t fair, and it’s one thing I will NEVER understand.

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