Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 21, 2008

Fast and Plentiful, but Shaped all Wonky?

I saw my OB again today.  I’ve noticed the trend is to give your doctors a name on your blog.  Let’s call mine Dr. Empathy.  Because she really is great in that regard.

The nitty gritty.  Deer has a great sperm count and motility.  Strict morphology?  Not so much.  It’s supposed to be equal to or greater than 14% and his is 11%.  Dr. Google is not too optismistic about crappy sperm morphology.  It could be worse (less than 5 is super crappy), but apparently there isn’t really anything proven to help improve it.  So, I don’t know.  Dr. Empathy suggested that he see a GP or urologist to check out the hardware (my words, not hers) and agreed with me that a repeat semen analysis is warranted.

She said it was kind of our call as to whether we wanted to keep trying on our own or go see an RE and possibly do IUI.  I know Deer is really against IUI (or anything that isn’t natural, really).  But, I think it would be helpful to just go see an RE and talk about our options.  I’d like to hear the expert opinion on crappy morphology.  Dr. Empathy will prescribe Femara if I wish but she said it might be better just to wait and see what the RE thinks, if we’re going to go see one.

And of course she lived up to her name.  She has two girls (and one boy on the way), and interspersed into those kids were two miscarriages.  So she gets it.  She told me, “I want this just as much as y…well wait, I know I can’t want this as much you do, but I do really want this for you.”  And then when she said “When I looked at your results and saw they were good, that was great, but I know in a way you wish something could be wrong, so you could fix it”, oh how I smiled.  I love you Dr. Empathy.  You understand and care and you also listen to me talk endlessly about my fertility.  And that is why I want to be BFF. 

I’m a bit calmer now than I was yesterday when all I knew was “sperm morphology is low”, which, of course, led to crazed googling.  Which wasn’t good considering the consensus online is “Dooooom, Doooom, proceed directly to IVF.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200”  So yeah, a little better now.  11% is subfertile but not infertile.

But still.  There are a million “what ifs” floating around in my head right now.


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