Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 14, 2008

What Mothers Do

Mother’s Day was hard for many reasons.  One thing that threw a monkey wrench into the whole mix was my pregnant SIL calling.  At first, I really did not want to speak to her.  Yes, there is some bitterness there because she has everything that I want, and it wasn’t something that she tried for, or planned.  But I felt bad because everyone else is the family is just trying to push their advice on her and tell her what she has to do.  She said that Deer and I are the only ones who listen to her and talk to her like a real person.  So I talked to her.  My only real advice was that I really think she needs to go speak to a Christian counselor who can help her figure out what the best thing to do is.  Someone who is more neutral than anyone in the family can be.

I was talking to my mom after I spoke to SIL.  I told her I was proud of myself, that I felt like I was able to put aside my own feelings and heartache and be supportive.  And she told me, “You know what you did?  You took on the role of a mother tonight.  You listened, you put aside your own needs and feelings in order to help her.  That’s what mothers do.” 

I guess it is. 

I think Thomas would be proud.


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