Posted by: expectingamiracle | May 14, 2008


My doctor’s office called today to say that my bloodwork was normal.  I had a feeling that it would be.  So I’m normal.  I almost wish I wasn’t so that there would be something we could FIX.  I’m not sure what good being normal is if I still can’t get pregnant.  But maybe our time will be soon.

Deer’s semen analysis was today and results should be back in a couple of days.  I’m betting that he will be normal also.



  1. I know its hard, but normal is GREAT! You know that there is nothing preventing a blessing from happening. Patience is all that is necessary. Trust me, patience is a virtue not to be taken lightly.
    Normal is Awesome!

    I’ll pray for some peace in your heart to feel how blessed you are to be normal, today.

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